Royal Enfield Interceptor-based Lock Stock 650cc custom motorcycle is totally WILD

The upcoming Royal Enfield 650-cc twins are the most-awaited bikes in India and many international markets. The highly anticipated bikes will be the first parallel-twin engine-based bikes for the modern Royal Enfield legacy. The bikes will be launched world over in a matter of few months, but before that Royal Enfield has officially revealed the first-ever customised version of the bike at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London.

This is the first time ever that the all-new engine of the upcoming Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650 has been used in a custom motorcycle. Royal Enfield released the pictures of the custom motorcycle after releasing a teaser video a few days ago. It is an official factory custom motorcycle that was commissioned by Royal Enfield. This is a dragster bike named LockStock and it looks nothing less than an absolute beast. However, Royal Enfield is yet to announce details like power output and the modifications done to the bike. However, we could not wait to show you how stunning the bike looks and here is everything that we could make out from the pictures.

The only two identifiable parts from the stock 650 twins are the engine and the fuel tank from the Continental GT. Everything else like the chassis, seat, handlebar, headlamp, body panels, rims, tyres and even suspension are not in stock form.

The bike gets short, single seat and customised drop-bar type handlebars that look quite extreme. The combination makes the rider sit close to the tank and ensures a lower drag coefficient. Air resistance is one of the biggest factors that can slow down a moving object including automobiles. Since the motorcycle riders are exposed to the environment, it becomes quite challenging to streamline motorcycle design. However, the drop-bar handlebars that we can see here can solve the problem.

The bike also gets an extended wheelbase that stabilizes the bike on the straight line and lowers the risk of a wheelie during acceleration. The pictures also reveal a new air-intake that feeds more air to the engine while a customised exhaust has been placed for quick dissipation of the burnt gasses and fumes. The bike gets a naked rear wheel, but the front has been covered in a new panel that minimises air resistance.

It also gets underbody panels and a new headlamp with a LED ring on it. Most track rules do not allow glass headlamp or lens on the track as they can break during an accident and spill over the track. The LockStock does not get any of that and is purpose-built for the track. The brakes have been upgraded too but we are not sure about the size. The spoked rim wheels have been replaced with the alloy wheels that now get fatter tyres for a better grip.

Even though the engine of the bike may have got a lot of changes, we can see an NOS tank placed behind the engine that can be used for an extra boost during acceleration or to get a higher top-speed. The Royal Enfield 650-cc engine is the most advanced engine from the manufacturer. It is also the first mass-produced engine by the brand that will cross the 160 km/h or 100 mph mark. While the official details of the motorcycle will reveal interesting information, at the moment, we are content with the brat appearance of the LockStock.


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