Royal Enfield Interceptor-based Lock Stock 650cc custom motorcycle: Now on video

A couple of days ago, Royal Enfield unveiled the pictures of their latest officially commissioned customised motorcycle, the Lock Stock. Royal Enfield has not given any official modification list or the power output of the customised dragster but a new video reveals more features of the customised bikes.

The LockStock is based on Royal Enfield’s first ever 650-cc engine that will power the upcoming Interceptor and the Continental GT 650. The bike has been transformed into a high-performance dragster. Most of the parts that we see on the bike have been replaced with newer customised parts except for the fuel tank and the engine.

The bike can be seen with minimal bodywork and customised body panels all over. The front gets a windscreen with a LED halo surrounding the projector lamp of the bike. The customised bike looks extremely aerodynamic and gets smooth curves all over. Even the front fender is customised and has been designed to reduce the drag coefficient. The video reveals that the black stripes seen in the pictures get carbon fibre texture but we cannot say for sure if real carbon fibre has been used on the bike.

The front suspension has been replaced with new upside down ones from Ohlins. The suspension is set at the minimum height to ensure precision riding and reduce the bike’s height for a lower centre of gravity. A steering damper from the chassis has been attached to the suspension. It will keep the bike stable at high speeds and will eliminate the tank slapper. It also gets a new handlebar which allows the rider to sit close to the tank and make the bike more streamlined at high speed.

The bike gets an extended chassis that increases the wheelbase and makes the bike stable in a straight line. The 650-cc engine now gets a customised exhaust system with mufflers integrated into the belly pan. The tank comes from the Continental GT 650. It has been modified with a quick-release fuel cap and also gets a switch. We are not sure what that switch operates, but it is possible that the Nitrox tank placed behind the engine is triggered by this button. There is no mention of the power output but the new air-intake filter indicates changes made to the engine. In stock form, the twin-cylinder 648-cc engine produces a maximum of 47 Bhp and 52 Nm.