Royal Enfield Interceptor & Continental GT 650 120 year anniversary edition motorcycles in a quick walkaround video

Royal Enfield recently unveiled the limited edition versions of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 motorcycle. The motorcycles were unveiled at EICMA 2021. These motorcycles have been launched to mark 120 year anniversary of the brand. Royal Enfield has not revealed the price of these motorcycles yet. Only 480 units of these motorcycles will be made and only 120 units of these will only be made available in India. The motorcycle will be sold via flash sale on Royal Enfield’s website on December 6, 2021. Only the pictures of the motorcycles are available so far but, here we have a quick walkaround video of these anniversary edition 650 twins from EICMA 2021.

The video has been uploaded by Gagan Choudhary on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows anniversary editions of both Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. He quickly points out all the changes that differentiate it from the regular version of the motorcycles.

He starts with the Interceptor 650. First thing that one would notice about the motorcycle is the paint job. The parts that are normally finished in chrome in the regular motorcycle are all blacked out. The front fender gets a gloss black paint job with Royal Enfield sticker in gold colour on it. The motorcycle continues to offer steel rims but, they are now finished in matte black with golden inserts.

Vlogger then moves to the fuel tank of the motorcycle. The tank gets a black-chrome treatment which looks extremely good. The unique handcrafted die cast brass tank badge is also shown in the video. The fuel tank gets a Royal Enfield insignia which comes with serial number of the motorcycle. The one seen in the video is the number 1 of 60 motorcycles that will be sold in India or South-East Asian market. Coming down, the engine and the exhausts are the same but, instead of chrome they now get a matte black finish which completely changes the look of the motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Interceptor & Continental GT 650 120 year anniversary edition motorcycles in a quick walkaround video

The side panels on the motorcycle have 120 years anniversary edition written on it. The pinstriping on these motorcycles is actually done by hand, just like old days. The size of the tyres, remain the same and nothing else has changed on it. Video mentions that the anniversary edition of these motorcycle now come with a brown coloured handle grips and seats. The instrument cluster on this motorcycle is also the same are regular versions.

Similar type of changes can be seen on the Continental GT 650 as well. Instead of Interceptor 650 written on the side panel, it has Continental GT 650 with anniversary badge on it. Overall, the colour scheme on the motorcycle looks very neat and has a very classic look to it. These motorcycle are definitely going to be priced higher than the regular ones as they are available only in limited numbers.

Mechanically nothing has changed in these motorcycles. They are both powered by the same 648-cc, twin cylinder, fuel injected engine that generates 47 Bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. Royal Enfield will offer a range of accessories that for the 120 year anniversary edition.