Royal Enfield Interceptor, Continental GT650: What #BikewithGirl has to say about them [Video]

Royal Enfield Twins Bikewithgirl Featured

Royal Enfield has been in the news since the last week. That’s because of the 650 twins, which got launched last week and since have been grabbing headlines everywhere. And this time, most of them are positive and in favour of Royal Enfield. Now a lot of people have reviewed the 650 twins including Cartoq’s own Bunny Punia and almost all had one common thing to say; “huge improvement over the previous Royal Enfield bikes”. Another famous automotive you-tuber and Instagram personality, Priyanka Kochhar, who goes by the social alias of bikewithgirl also did a review of the bike during its launch event. Let’s see what she has got to tell us about the 650 twins.

Well, she also starts with the most asked question about the bikes, that is, do the bikes still vibrate a lot. According to bikewithgirl, that’s not the case this time and until very highly revved, the bikes maintain a good composure without any superficial vibrations. She then moves on to how the twins look, saying that the bikes may not be instantaneous head tuners but they evoke a lot of curiosity among people. One can’t simply ignore them, be it the Continental GT 650 or the Interceptor 650.

Next, she moves on to the engine and gearbox, which according to her are among the best bits of the bike. The 648 cc, twin cylinder engine has been getting a lot of praises recently and so has the six speed gearbox, which on the twins comes with a slipper clutch. The exhaust is another sweet point of the 650 twins and our review lady wonders what an aftermarket exhaust fitment would do to it. Absolute Blast we say. Next in line of review is handling. She adds that the twins are pretty nice handling bikes actually for the role they are meant to do. They inspire confidence while cornering and while not comparing to any sportsbike, are corner cravers in their own respect.

Royal Enfield Interceptor,  Continental GT650: What #BikewithGirl has to say about them [Video]

Moving on to brakes, she says that the 320 mm disc at front and a 240 mm disc at the rear do an excellent job at stopping the bike. Royal Enfield has also equipped the bikes with dual channel ABS. Suspension and weight distribution, according to her, are just done right. Moving on, she finally gives a important note on the engine, which does not get unbearably hot and stays at comfortable temperatures. The ride height of the bike according to her is on the middle ground and most people will be able to ride it easily. As a final note, bike with girl says that both the motorcycles are excellent and quite well suited to Indian road conditions.

The next section sees her in an interview with the CEO of Royal Enfield, Siddharth Lal (henceforth referred to as Sid). During the interview, Sid revealed that the bikes have been undergoing serious testing session even after the final stage. They have been tested for all the extremes and ridden for millions of kilometers before being released. The team that worked on the bike comprised of people from all around the world. The 650 twins have been released across the world without any mechanical or other sort of difference, meaning the ones sold in US are the same as the ones sold in India.

Royal Enfield Interceptor,  Continental GT650: What #BikewithGirl has to say about them [Video]

Later into the interview, he tells that over 7,500 people have been specially trained to handle the operations of these bikes. This includes everyone from salesperson to dealer to mechanics and every other individual involved in the customer experience. With the price tag starting at Rs. 2.50 Lakhs for the Interceptor 650 and Rs. 2.65 Lakhs for the Continental GT, they are currently the cheapest twin cylinder bikes you can get in India.