Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor Gallinella is totally RETRO [Video]

Royal Enfield has become a household name in the world of motorcycle modifications. While there are thousands of Royal Enfield of custom Royal Enfield motorcycles in India, they are equally popular in the International modification circles. Here is a video of the Royal Enfield Interceptor, which has been brilliantly modified by BAAK Motorcycles, a popular custom motorcycle garage based in Lyon, France.

The video beautifully captures the journey of the Interceptor from stock to custom. At first, the video shows the sketches of the intended product and how the designer asks the employees to strictly stick to the design. The final product is quite astonishing. The Royal Enfield Interceptor looks quite classy in its stock form. But BAAK Motorcycles did an amazing job that turns it into a head-turner which is difficult to resist.

The changes are quite a lot. To start with, the fuel tank of the bike has been replaced with a custom design version. The design is simple yet transforms the look of the motorcycle. Custom side panels further make the bike look intense and extremely beautiful. The whole bike follows the simple white and maroon colour combination, which looks a class apart.

The headlamp has also been changed to a new unit with a chrome ring and body-coloured base. Also, it gets a custom leather seat, which has been carefully handstitched. The new rear panel also makes the bike look much shorter and in turn, gives it a compact look. That’s not all, even the handlebar has been updated with a new one and it allows the rider to sit upright and cruise on the highways without any problem. It also gets cafe racer-style bar-end mirrors that look extremely good on the bike and adds a clean look to the whole set-up.

Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor Gallinella is totally RETRO [Video]

The front fender has also been updated and it is now shorter than the stock version. While the same treatment has been given to the rear fender of the bike. Finally, the chrome multi-spoke rims have been updated too and it now gets a black colour, which looks great and classy. It is not known if any engine modifications have been done to the bike but it gets customised aftermarket exhausts, which are much shorter and thinner than the stock ones. With the exhausts becoming subtler, the bike definitely looks much sober and sophisticated.

Royal Enfield has been around for decades in the Indian market and there are thousands of customised bikes based on them. Even the new Interceptor and the Continental GT650 are receiving some grand modifications that lift the overall look of the bikes. Royal Enfield also organises official events where such motorcycles are put for public view.