Royal Enfield Interceptor, KTM Duke 390 STRUGGLE while Suzuki Hayabusa comfortably clears a deep water crossing

There is always a perception that bikes, not the bikers are important when it comes to being capable. Here is a video that shows how important the rider is when it comes to controlling the bike. Here is a video from the popular video channel –JS Films that show the importance of the rider’s skills.

The video is from Bhutan where the group from India is currently visiting and updating their journey through YouTube vlogs daily. This particular video shows a small water crossing and how different bikes handle it. The water crossing in the video is quite deep and has the round river pebbles, which are very slippery and can even make walking through them difficult.

The first bike to attempt the water crossing is a Royal Enfield Himalayan. The bike goes through but gets stuck midway. However, the rider himself gets it free and reaches the other side after a bit of struggling. The second bike to take on the water crossing is a KTM 390 Duke. Now, the Duke is pure street bike but the rider of the bike navigates through the rocks to take it to the other side. The bike does struggle a bit but reaches the other side without much of a problem.

Royal Enfield Interceptor, KTM Duke 390 STRUGGLE while Suzuki Hayabusa comfortably clears a deep water crossing

After the 390 Duke goes through, the Royal Enfield Interceptor attempts to clear the water stream. The biker goes through the stream halfway and then gets stuck there badly. After the Royal Enfield Interceptor gets stuck, another person goes through to help the biker and takes his bike to the other side. It is Bullu Biker from YouTuber riding the Interceptor, he is quite experienced and has ridden in various terrains. Sometimes, even experience and skills do not come in handy in such situations and it may just go out of control. It does not mean that the rider has lower skills or is less experienced, it simply means that things always don’t work out as planned.

Nonetheless, in the end, the mighty Hayabusa attempts to cross the stream. The rider keeps the bike stable all through the stream and carefully navigates through the bed of rocks and the deep water crossing. The Suzuki Hayabusa weighs a massive 270 kg and it is extremely difficult to handle on the bad terrains, especially on slow speed. But one cannot ride at a fast pace through a water crossing because the tyre can hit a rock and disbalance the bike. Nonetheless, the rider of the Hayabusa is very experienced and has been riding superbikes for a long time now. The Suzuki Hayabusa is a touring bike and it is made to munch on miles on the open highways. Even though it is not designed to take on the river crossings and bad roads, the rider skills ensured that the Hayabusa went through it without a problem.