Royal Enfield Interceptor modified by K-Speed looks simple yet powerful

Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT have become popular around the world after they were launched last year. This modified bike comes from K-Speed Garage based in Thailand. The bike gets simple yet powerful modifications that completely changes the way it looks.

Royal Enfield Interceptor modified by K-Speed looks simple yet powerful

K-Speed has transformed the bike completely and has also changed the colour of the tank. The stock colour has been replaced with the high chrome mirror finish that makes the bike look extremely good. Also, it should be noted that the chrome colour is the most expensive colour of the model and costs Rs. 20,000 more than the regular colours of the Interceptor.

The modified version of the Interceptor gets a new round headlamp that sits closer to the handlebar and changes the look the bike. It also gets an aftermarket handlebar, which is much flatter than the regular version. The seat is also new while the grab rail of the bike has been removed to give a clean look to the bike. K-Speed has also chopped the rear fender and has replaced the tail lamp unit with a smaller one. The front mudguard of the bike also gets chopped and is much smaller in size, giving the bike a very minimalistic look.

Other changes include a chrome-plating done on the engine and aftermarket exhaust pipes that look pretty good. Even the multispoke rims have been replaced with new ones and fatter tyres have been put in place. Further, both front and rear suspension have been slammed to give a very slammed look to the bike.

We are not sure if the engine gets any kind of modifications. The Royal Enfield Interceptor gets powered by an all-new 649cc, parallel-twin cylinder, air-cooled and oil-cooled engine. In stock condition, the engine produces a maximum power of 47 Bhp and a peak torque of 52 Nm. It gets a 6-speed transmission with slipper clutch.

There are quite a few modification works based on the all-new Interceptor and the all-new Continental GT around the world. Even in India, a few modified motorcycles have been spotted. There are many garages in India who exclusively work on Royal Enfield motorcycles and have been releasing some interesting modifications based on the single-cylinder models of the brand. However, the all-new twin-cylinder engine powered Royal Enfield 650 Twins open up an all-new avenue for the modification garages around the world. We expect to see quite a few good modifications based on the all-new bikes soon. The Indian market has already started offering aftermarket exhausts for the all-new bikes and soon more accessories are expected to be available for the bike officially.

Royal Enfield is also expected to launch new products based on the all-new P Platform, which underpins the all-new bikes in the Indian market. In the coming times, products like Himalayan 650 are also possible to be launched in the Indian market.