Watch Royal Enfield Interceptor tubed tyres getting converted to tubeless [Video]

Motorcycles with spoked rims do bring in a brilliantly classic look and also are much more rugged when it comes to taking on the bad roads when compared to the alloy wheels. However, spoked rims are indefensible and even the flagship adventure bikes like Honda Africa Twin do not offer tubeless set-up with their spoked rims. Why? Because sealing off spoked rims to put on tubeless tyres is quite difficult and almost impossible. However, here is a video by Bulu Patnaik that shows you the solution of transforming a spoked rim into a tubeless rim.

The product shown here is called an Outex kit, which is an imported product from Japan. The cost of the product is about Rs 14,000 and the installation process will cost you around Rs 3,000. It seems expensive but repairing a puncture on your own during bike trips or dragging the bike to the nearest puncture shop is something that can disrupt the whole schedule of the trip and drains all the energy too.

The Outex kit is available for various bikes the is specially customised for the rim size and the number of spokes, which makes it special. The installation process seen in the video shows that all the 36 spokes on a single rim of the Interceptor were covered with a special seal individually after carefully cleaning the rim properly. Then a thick layer of tape is added to the whole diameter of the rim. Then another layer of the Outex tape like sealing on the rim. The whole set-up takes more than four hours to complete according to the video, which is a lot of time.

Watch Royal Enfield Interceptor tubed tyres getting converted to tubeless [Video]

After the completion process, the rims need to be in a resting position for a recommended 24 hour period and post that, it can be ridden normally. It should be noted that all the spoked rim bikes available in the market get tubeless tyres from the factory, which is why there’s no need to upgrade the tyre to a new one after making the rim tubeless. Also, there are extra sealings that can be used to re-seal the rim after a repair.

The Outex kit is good for at least two years on the rims and the life can be longer depending on the usage. The air pressure drop in the tyre after a month’s use is only 1-2 PSI, which is as normal as any normal tyre. Bulu biker did check the air pressure of the bike after a couple of days of the installation of the kit and found out that pressure has not dropped even slightly. Interested buyers can get their product directly from and their store is located in Bangalore.

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