Royal Enfield KX with a 1140cc engine is the BIGGEST engined Royal Enfield ever – Video

We have been very regular with featuring modified Royal Enfield motorcycles that look a lot more desirable than their respective stock counterparts. However, today, we have a Royal Enfield motorcycle that will completely blow your mind. The video we have below is of a well-restored Royal Enfield KX 1140cc motorcycle from 1938! Yes, this beauty is actually 80 years old!

Back in the day, Royal Enfield sold this motorcycle as the “The last word in luxury motorcycles!”. The tagline was largely true as the KX was among the finest bikes of its time. It was powered by a 1140cc twin-cylinder engine that came mated to a four-speed gearbox. Attached to the tank was a gear handle that enabled the users to shift gears on demand. It runs on a 1140cc twin-cylinder engine which worked along with a 4-speed gearbox. It’s said that the motorcycle offered a really comfortable ride and could be ordered with a sidecar attached to the frame. The KX is among the rarest surviving Royal Enfield motorcycles today. A well-restored motorcycle like this generally goes for upwards of Rs 40 lakh in an auction.

The motorcycle came with some novelties back then. For example, the Lucas 6 volt Magdyno lighting was standard and so was the magnificent black enamel finish with gold lining. This is not all as the top-end variant came with detachable and interchangeable wheels. It was sold without a sidecar for £77/10s or ‘by gradual payments’. Without a sidecar, the Royal Enfield KX was capable of achieving top speeds of more than 130 kmph, which is a pretty commendable figure for a motorcycle of its time. It also offered a fuel economy of more than 27 kmpl, which is, again, comparable to what our modern day REs have on offer. The KX was one of the 18 different motorcycles that Royal Enfield sold back in 1938.

Video Courtesy – Motorworld by V Sheyanov on Youtube