A fallen 200-Kg Royal Enfield can be lifted EASILY even by skinny guys [Video]

Cruiser bikes are much liked among the masses because of their retro-modern look and imposing street presence apart from their excellent cruising ability. The most popular bike in this segment in our country consists of Royal Enfield and if we go higher up, Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles. However, there is one downside with all the big, blingy cruiser bikes which is their weight. With a decent amount of fuel in them, they can easily cross the 200 kg mark while some of the more premium cruiser bikes can even touch the 300 kg weight mark. It then becomes a huge task to get the bike up if it ends up on its side due to any reason. However, here are some easy techniques to pick up a hefty motorcycle without straining the life out of yourself.

In a situation where your bike is down on its side, the first instinct is to grab the bike and pull it up. However, this can lead to serious muscle injury. You have to remember the fact that it is a heavy bike and not a bicycle that can just be lifted like that. Moreover, if you are not a gym freak or a muscle champion but a regular guy or girl, it is even more difficult to rely just on your muscle power. What instead can be done is to steady yourself and try to pick up the motorcycle from its side. There are different methods to do this but we are going to discuss about the most easy and practical solution of this problem.

In a case when your bike falls down, steady yourself and move to the side of the bike so that you face the handle and the saddle. Before this, make sure that you put the bike in gear so as to avoid rolling when lifting and also pull out the side stand. Then, sit on the saddle facing the side towards which the bike has fallen. Grip the handlebar and the rear grab handle and be in a position as seen in the video. After this, use your hands to pulls the bike up, while pushing with legs and taking small steps backwards. When the bike gets to a vertical position, slowly let the bike rest on the side stand.

Here is another video which shows a lady lifting a Harley Davidson 883 Superlow, which weighs much more than the Royal Enfield Thunderbird in the previous video. For those of you wondering what to do if the bike falls on the stand side, the same procedure can be applied there too. All you need to do is put the bike in gear, and pull and push it up using the same method, and then open the side stand and letting the motorcycle rest on it. Another method to pick up the bike when its fallen on the stand side is to pick it up using the same technique but rather than resting the bike on the stand, you can slowly turn around, grab the other handle and then get into the saddle.

Some important points to be noted here are that before picking up the bike, take a look at the surface on which it has fallen. Whether it is slippery, has gravel on it or any other thing. This will help in making the right moves and avoid the slipping of bikes while picking it up. Also, before applying force, keep your feet steady and make yourself in a comfortable position. You can either rest your back towards the saddle or sit on top of the saddle as per your convenience.