Royal Enfield Lightning 535-based chopper Is The ultimate custom thumper

Delhi-based rider Taranpreet Singh Sahni has got himself what is perhaps one of the most aggressive choppers on the road today. The chopper can be seen in a video uploaded by The Savage Singh on Youtube, who captured the cruiser with the heart of a Royal Enfield Lightning in all its glory during an Independence Day ride with the Fateh Family riders group in Delhi.

The custom chopper was built in Ludhiana, Punjab and features a custom hardtail frame, which means that there is no suspension setup at the rear. While the hardtail frame allows for the classic chopper lines that enthusiasts love, the lack of suspension at the rear means that the ride will be a bumpy one.

Other cool design features on this custom chopper from Delhi include an extra long raked front end, skull-shaped turn indicators and extremely wide handlebars (which make riding in traffic and turning an absolute workout). The sculpted fuel tank features a Punisher skull motif and follows the frame as it curves down onto the low-set seat. Other custom features include chopped and sculpted front and rear fenders, a custom intake and exhaust setup for the donor cast iron 535cc Royal Enfield Lightning engine. The total price for building the custom bike is an eye-watering Rs 7 lakhs.

Custom Re Lightning Chopper 1

The customized chopper is not Sahni’s only big bike. The Delhi rider who goes by the moniker, the_boy_with_bikes, can be seen riding numerous bikes including a Ninja 650, Ducati Monster, Hyosung Aquila, a Suzuki Intruder M 1800R & Hayabusa, a few Harleys and a Can-Am Spyder among many others on his Instagram and Youtube pages.

The 535cc engine used on this custom Chopper is from a Royal Enfield Lightning 535, a cruiser motorcycle built by RE in the 90s and the first half of the 2000s before it was discontinued. The RE Lightning 535 featured a cast-iron 535cc single-cylinder engine that produced around 26 Bhp. The Lightning’s engine was based on the Fritz Egli tuned Bullets and came paired with a 4-speed gearbox. The Lightning had a top speed between 125 km/h and 130 km/h.

The Royal Enfield Lightning was made specifically for the Indian market and featured a dual-tone paint scheme, pulled back handlebars, slim front and rear fenders, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank and a sissy bar for the pillion. Electric start was an optional extra.