Cops BUST more than 500 Royal Enfield motorcycles with loud silencers: Exhausts SEIZED [Video]

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Noise pollution on the roads is caused by various things. While the commuters honking is a form of noise pollution, motorists using aftermarket exhausts on their vehicles also causes noise pollution and is illegal to use too. In the past, cops have specifically targetted Royal Enfield and superbikes motorcycles for using aftermarket exhausts. Currently, a similar drive is happening the national capital – Delhi where the police are catching the Royal Enfield motorcycles in large numbers for breaking the law by using aftermarket exhausts.

The video posted by Royal Soldier on YouTube shows the action taken by the police. The cops have formed teams to catch the lawbreakers and issuing challan for using illegal exhausts. Also, to ensure that the exhausts cannot be used again by the owners of the bike, the exhausts have been removed on the spot.

The video shows the police team removing the exhaust at the spot and marking them carefully to keep the record. It is not known if the motorcycles were allowed to be ridden by the owners without the exhaust. Any vehicle can create extremely loud noise if the exhaust is not installed and Royal Enfield engines produce a thump, which can be become unbearable without the exhaust. Apart from the exhausts, the cops also caught the modified motorcycles with loud aftermarket horns and pressure horns. Even the loud horns exceeding a specific noise level are illegal in India and can be booked for creating noise pollution. The cops in the video can be seen removing the horns too and marking them carefully. All the horns along with the exhausts have been seized too.

Cops BUST more than 500 Royal Enfield motorcycles with loud silencers: Exhausts SEIZED [Video]

In the past, police from other states have done similar drives against the Royal Enfield motorcycles. In many states, cops have taken steps like destroying the exhausts completely to ensure that they cannot be used against. While the Maharashtra cops used a special device to cut the silencer into half, police forces from Madhya Pradesh used a huge road roller to destroy the exhausts in full public view to ensure that the steps taken by them against such illegally modified motorcycles become the talk of the town. Initially, the cops used to seize the whole motorcycle or used to seize a document from the owner. The document used to get released only after the owner of the motorcycle reversed back to the stock exhaust and came to the RTO for inspection.

There are many such loud exhausts available freely in the markets. Even Royal Enfield officially sells such aftermarket exhausts for the motorcycles. While installing them on the motorcycles is not illegal, using such a vehicle that exceeds the noise level set by the authorities on a public road is illegal. Such motorcycles can be used in race tracks or private property like farmhouses.