Royal Enfield Meteor 350 official custom exhaust compared to stock: 100 % road legal [Video]

Royal Enfield launched the all-new Meteor in the market last year and it has gained quite popularity too. The exhaust note of the new bike sounds quite good in the stock form but due to the BS6 update, all single-cylinder Royal Enfield motorcycles do sound a bit mellow. Well, Royal Enfield offers a lot of official accessories and the exhaust is one of them too.

The video put up by Biker Prakash Choudhary shows two Royal Enfield Meteor 350 side by side. One gets a stock exhaust and the other one gets the aftermarket exhaust. To show the differences clearly, this is the best way to do it. One of the bikes gets an aftermarket slip-on exhaust that can be installed by the dealership itself. It is black in colour and looks better than the stock version too.

First, the sound of the stock exhaust is in the video. It is thumpy and heavy and sounds great. The second bike parked on the side has the aftermarket exhaust and it sounds even better. It is louder and the sound is not as heavy as the stock exhaust. We think that both the exhausts do sound great on the Meteor 350.

There are quite a few official options available for the Meteor 350 and all of them cost around Rs 3,500. Any Royal Enfield dealership or service centre can install these slip-on exhausts and it does not take much time too. Royal Enfield offers a three-year warranty on these official exhausts.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 official custom exhaust compared to stock: 100 % road legal [Video]

It is a road-legal product

With the crackdown on the Royal Enfield motorcycles among others for aftermarket exhausts, these official slip-on are legal to use on public roads. It is made up of stainless steel and Royal Enfield says that these exhausts are calibrated to meet the norms set up by the government. Also, it gets glass fibre absorption and the internal parts are tuned for a deep, rich rumble.

There are quite a few products available in the aftermarket shops too. However, most of those exhausts exceed the sound level set up by the authorities. It should be noted that the police across the country have become extremely strict when it comes to aftermarket exhausts. They target the Royal Enfield motorcycles because most aftermarket exhausts are installed on Royal Enfield motorcycles. In a few cases, the cops have used specialised tools to destroy such noise-making aftermarket exhausts.

To discourage the Royal Enfield owners from installing loud and illegal aftermarket exhausts, the cops even removed the exhausts and have destroyed them using road rollers. It should be noted that there is a hefty fine for installing aftermarket exhausts that exceed the noise level limit set by the authorities. In a few states, the cops have even started using sound meters and lux meters to check the intensity of the exhausts and the brightness of the headlamps. The official exhausts are available at Royal Enfield stores across the country.

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