Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Honda H’ness CB350: Performance tested [video]

One of the latest entrant into the 350-cc cruiser segment is the all-new Royal Enfield Meteor motorcycle. It is a proper a cruiser motorcycle which now replaces the Thunderbird which was earlier available on sale. It is an all-new motorcycle and competes with Honda Highness CB350 in the segment directly. Other competitors in this segment include Jawa and Royal Enfield’s Classic 350. Here we have a video that show how Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Honda Highness CB350 perform in an in gear acceleration test.

The video has been uploaded by Abhinav Bhatt on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing both the motorcycles. The vlogger was riding the new Meteor 350 whereas his friend was riding the Honda Highness. The riders test the in gear acceleration of both the motorcycle in second, third, fourth and fifth gear to find out which bike performs better.

The video starts by riders shifting to second gear and as soon as both bikes were doing 20 kmph on speedometer, the riders started accelerating and Honda smoothly took the lead and maintained it. After that, the riders shifted to third gear while maintaining a speed of 30 kmph. They repeat the same process and the Honda once again pulls ahead effortlessly.

In fourth gear, things start to change a bit. At the speed of 40 kmph, both riders accelerate and surprisingly Royal Enfield pulls ahead. That was just for few seconds because Honda Highness CB350 caught up within no time and Meteor 350 is once again left behind. In fifth gear we were expecting Honda to will again but, Royal Enfield pulls ahead of CB 350 from a speed of 50 kmph on speedometer.

They did this round twice to be sure and the results were the same. RE Meteor has a short gearing in comparison to the Highness which worked in favour of the RE. The Honda on the other hand was taking time to push all its power because of its tall gearing ratio. Honda Highness is about 181 kilograms and RE Meteor is about 191 kgs. In terms of power and torque figures, Royal Enfield Meteor is behind the Honda Highness.

The Honda Highness is powered by a 348-cc, single cylinder, air-cooled fuel injected engine that generates 20.8 Bhp and 30 Nm of torque. The Royal Enfield Meteor on the other hand gets a 349-cc, single cylinder engine generating 20.2 Bhp and 27 Nm of torque. Meteor is available in three variants – Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. Prices start at Rs 1.75 lakh and go up to Rs 1.91 lakh, ex-showroom. Honda Highness CB350 is available in two trims – DLX and DLX Pro and is priced at Rs 1.85 lakh and 1.9 lakh, ex-showroom respectively. While the CB350 H’ness is a street bike, the Meteor is a cruiser with kicked out pegs and a relaxed riding position. Both motorcycles are aimed at those looking for a retro-styled bike with modern mechanicals. Twin channel ABS is standard on both motorcycles.