Royal Enfield Meteor with a 650cc twin cylinder engine: What it’ll look like

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in the country. They are known for their retro looking modern motorcycles. Royal Enfiled is now slowly improving and modernising their motorcycles. The shift started few years ago, when they launched Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 in the market. Last year, they launched a brand new 350-cc motorcycle Meteor in the market. It is entirely different from the existing 350-cc motorcycle. It gets a new frame and engine. Meteor 350 was actually introduced as a replacement to the Thunderbird motorcycle. Here we have a render image that shows what the 650-cc version of Meteor motorcycle might look like.

Royal Enfield Meteor with a 650cc twin cylinder engine: What it’ll look like

The render images have been shared by IAB on their website. Royal Enfield is now working on several new models and one of them is a 650-cc cruiser motorcycle. Recently along with this 650-cc cruiser, another prototype or test mule was spotted. It is expected to be a 650-cc version of the Meteor motorcycle. The artist has created this render image based on the spy pictures.

The overall design of the Meteor 650 is similar to recently launched 350-cc version. The design resembles a lot with the entry level Fireball variant with more of a roadster look. The design of the fuel tank is the same as the Meteor 350 with Royal Enfield branding on them. All the classic bits that we normally see on a Royal Enfield motorcycle is seen in this render image as well. The headlamps are round there is a single pod instrument cluster with Tripper meter installed right next to it.

Unlike Meteor 350, the 650 version in the render gets a single seat setup. The turn indicators and tail lamps are all similar to what we have seen in Meteor 350. The difference is more noticeable when we have a look at the engine arear. It gets the large twin-cylinder fuel injected, engine that has been completely blacked out. There is minimum use of chrome on the motorcycle and this has given it a very unique look. The exhaust pipe has also been completely blacked out. The other noticeable change in comparison to the 350 Meteor is the front shock absorbers. In the render Meteor 650 gets USD forks at the front.

Royal Enfield Meteor with a 650cc twin cylinder engine: What it’ll look like

The bike continues to get alloy wheels with body coloured accents but the size of the tyre wrapping around it has been changed. The rear tyre looks a lot more chunkier now.  With a 650-cc engine onboard, the weight of the motorcycle will increase. Royal Enfield will make necessary changes to make the frame a lot more stronger. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 are one of the most affordable twin cylinder motorcycles in India.

Royal Enfield is now planning to expand their product portfolio by coming up with new products. They are currently working on several 650-cc motorcycles and they have been spotted testing on road several times. All these 650-cc motorcycles will be powered by the 648-cc,  twin cylinder, engine that generates 47 Bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. The image seen here is just a speculative render and the original product might be different from the image.