Royal Enfield Meteor service costs compared with those of Honda CB350 H’ness

Royal Enfield just launched the Meteor 350 and it has booked over 8,000 units already. What is interesting that we will have to see is how is the maintenance of the new motorcycle because Royal Enfield claims that their new range of motorcycles will be much easier and cheaper to maintain when compared to the old ones.

Whereas, currently its biggest rival is the H’ness CB350 which being a Honda is known to be reliable. Here, we have a video from Abhinav Bhatt, who explains the cost difference between the Meteor 350 and the H’ness CB350 on a YouTube video. He also shares some details and his experience of the first service of the Meteor 350.

The service schedule of the Meteor 350 is similar to the Interceptor 650. So the first service is scheduled at 500 km and the second service is scheduled at 5,000 km or 6 months whichever is earlier. The third service of the motorcycle is at 10,000 km or after 6 months whichever is earlier.

Royal Enfield Meteor service costs compared with those of Honda CB350 H’ness

In the first service, the service centre changes the engine oil. The manufacturer also recommends getting your tappets adjusted on the first service. However, Abhinav here did not opt for that because he did not feel the need for it and he was also running short on time. Another reason, he states for not adjusting the tappets is the risk associated with servicing the first Meteor in Delhi. The second service is just a check-up and oil top-up. While the third service is a full service in which the engine oil and air filter are replaced. So, the engine oil and air filter of the motorcycle are changed once in a year, which is one of the reasons that has helped in bringing the cost down of the service.

It took 1.5 hours for the service centre to service the motorcycle. However, that would have increased if the rider would have opted for adjusting the tappets. Another thing to note is that Royal Enfield only dry washes the motorcycles in Delhi whereas Honda’s Big Wing’s does a wet wash. The tyre pressure was also not monitored by Royal Enfield whereas the Honda monitored the tyre pressure. Royal Enfield is using their own proprietary Liquid Gun engine oil which is semi-synthetic engine oil. The motorcycle takes 1.7-litres of engine oil. When compared Honda is using fully-synthetic engine oil for the CB350. Also, Royal Enfield offers 4 free services with the Meteor 350 whereas the Honda is offering 3 free services with the H’ness CB350. The free services here means that you do not need to pay the labour fees.

Royal Enfield’s cost of labour is Rs. 855 whereas the Honda takes around Rs. 700 for labour. The cost of Royal Enfield’s Liquid Gun semi-synthetic engine oil for 1.7-litres is Rs. 576, the oil filter costs Rs. 95 and the cost of the air filter are Rs. 150. Then there is the cost of the lube/cleaning kit which is Rs. 232. In it, the service centre cleans the air filter, spark plug chain and lube the chain also. They also adjust the clutch and throttle cable for free play. The service centre also checked for the slackness of the chain. The cost of the first service was Rs. 904 which does not include labour. When compared, the Honda H’ness CB350’s first service costs Rs. 1,469 excluding labour.

When we compare the service costs for the first two years considering the free labour services, the cost of Meteor’s four services is Rs. 2,424 and for the H’ness CB350 it is 6,607. So, as we can see that the cost of maintaining a Honda is much higher. Also, the service network of Honda’s Big Wing dealership is much more scarce when compared to Royal Enfields vast service network.