Royal Enfield Meteor and Honda CB350: Fuel efficiency tested

Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been the most popular 350-cc motorcycle in the segment and recently two new motorcycle have also entered this space. One is Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and the other is Honda CB350 H’Ness. Royal Enfield Meteor is prices start from Rs 1.75 lakh, ex-showroom and go up to Rs 1.91 lakh, ex-showroom. The Honda H’Ness starts at Rs 1.85 lakh, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 1.90 lakh. Both motorcycles have a 350-cc engine and generate similar amount of power. Here we have a video that shows Meteor 350 and Highness 350 in a mileage test to find out which one is more fuel efficient.

The video has been uploaded by Abhinav Bhatt on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing the Meteor 350 motorcycle which he has ridden from Patiala, Punjab to Delhi. He had ridden the bike for about 204 kms and was doing 100-120 kmph on highway. Before starting the mileage run, he wanted to check how much did the Meteor return when ridden at such speeds and it returned him about 33 kilometres to a litre.

He filled the Meteor 350 and Honda Highness 350 to the brim and took it for a spin. Both motorcycles were taking the same route and riders also had similar weight. The bikes were ridden in a mix of city and highway and a speed maintained on both motorcycles during the test was 80-110 kmph. After riding it for around 145 kms, both bikes were brought back to the fuel station and refilled.

First, Meteor 350 was refilled. It had covered around 145.5 kms as per the trip meter and it took in 4 litres of petrol. Which translates into a fuel efficiency of 36.37 kmpl which is good for a bike with a 350-cc engine. Next was the Honda CB350 H’Ness and it according to the trip meter had covered 147.2 kms. The total amount of fuel it took to cover this distance was 3.78 litres. This translates to a fuel economy of 38.94 kmpl which is over 2 kmpl more than what Meteor 350 is offering.

Even though motorcycles have a 350-cc engine, the way both perform are different. The other major reason why Meteor delivered less fuel economy is the weight. Meteor weighs 191 kilograms whereas the Honda Highness weighs around 181 kilograms. The difference of 10 kilograms also affects the overall mileage.

The Royal Enfield Meteor is powered by a 349-cc, air cooled engine that generates 20.2 Bhp and 27 Nm of torque whereas the Honda CB350 H’ness is powered by a 348-cc, engine that generates 20.8 Bhp and 30 Nm of torque. Both motorcycles use 5 speed manual gearboxes, and the Honda CB350 H’ness even offers a slip assist clutch. This is a feature that most premium motorcycles are now offering as standard. While Royal Enfield offers this feature on the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650, the Meteor 350 doesn’t get it. While the Meteor 350 is a cruiser with kicked out footpegs and laidback ergonomics, the CB350 H’ness’ ergonomics are oriented towards an erect riding posture.