Royal Enfield motorcycles modified to look like Harley Davidsons [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles have been quite popular among the customers for a very long time. These motorcycles are often opted for by motorcyclists who love to modify their rides. We have seen several such beautifully modified examples of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past. The Classic series of motorcycles are most commonly used for this purpose and here we have a video that shows a couple of Royal Enfield motorcycles that have been very neatly modified to look like Harley Davidsons.

The video has been uploaded by Vampvideo on their youtube channel. The video basically shows not one but two Royal Enfield motorcycles that are modified to look like a bobber styled motorcycle. The red one in the video actually started its life as a Thunderbird whereas the other one is a Classic. Starting with the red one, first thing that one would notice is the chunky looking tyres and dual tone alloy wheels.

It gives it a different character to the bike. The front forks now get gaiters and the headlamps is an aftermarket all LED unit. Moving towards the top, the odometer has been replaced with an all digital unit and the handlebar is also changed to give it a proper bobber like riding stance. It even comes with bar end mirrors. The fuel tank and the side panel is a custom made unit and the whole bike is finished in red and black tone.

Royal Enfield motorcycles modified to look like Harley Davidsons [Video]

The engine is all painted in black with a hint of exposed aluminium at places. It even comes with a dual exhaust pipe but, it is not known whether both are functional or not. The rear mudguard is chopped and the fat tyre is exposed. It is a single seater motorcycle but, a two seater version can also be made if the customer requests.

The second bike or the Classic 350 comes with almost similar type modifications but, it get a thinner front tyre in comparison to Thunderbird and is given a pearl grey and black paint job. This is a two-seater motorcycle and the odometer also gets AMP meter next to it. Apart from that nothing much has changed in the motorcycle. Engines on these motorcycle remain untouched and they produce same amount of power as before. The work done on these motorcycles look very neat and when it comes to the paint job it looks like the modifiers have not cut any corners.