Royal Enfield Catches Fire, And Explodes: Video

royal enfield fire explosion india

When any automobile catches fire, people around the vehicle should call a fire truck first. Now we understand that people can sometimes try to extinguish the fire by themselves. It can sometimes lead to bigger issues. Most recently, a terrifying video showing a Royal Enfield motorcycle blast, injuring more than 10 people, has been shared online. The people trying to extinguish the fire of this bike got caught in its blast and have suffered serious injuries.

This video of people getting severely injured after a blast has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Telugu Scribe. In this short clip, we can note that a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle was on the ground engulfed in fire. We can also observe that there were a lot of people surrounding the bike. These people were trying to extinguish the fire of the bike.

To put out the fire, these people were spraying water over the fire with the help of the garden hose. There was also a man who was trying to put a wet cloth on top of the burning engine of the motorcycle. He was constantly making the cloth wet and trying to cover the fire. However, nothing seemed to be working.

What happened next?

Royal Enfield Catches Fire, And Explodes: Video

The video then shows that the man who was spraying water with the pipe handed it to another person. Meanwhile, he was seen doing something on the fuel tank side which was already on fire. Now what happened was there was a blast in the fuel tank and that created a huge fireball.

Unfortunately, this fireball caught a lot of people who were surrounding this motorcycle. The video then shows that as soon as this happened there was a huge commotion around the crowd. The video also showed that people were engulfed in this fire.

Royal Enfield Catches Fire, And Explodes: Video

We can note that one of the men was completely covered in flames. He was seen suffering from this fire and he could not stand so he sat. During this, another man rushed towards him with a wet cloth to help him in extinguishing the fire. People in the background were also seen running around engulfed in fire.

Some people were trying to extinguish the fire by hitting the people with wet fabrics. It has been reported that over 10 people, including a police officer, suffered very severe injuries. These people were then immediately taken to Princess Esra Hospital for treatment. Thankfully, no reports of deaths have come forward.

Never try to extinguish automobile fires with water

This video should serve as a reminder to all that water should not be used to extinguish fires involving automobiles. In this video, all of the people who were trying to extinguish the burning Royal Enfield were using water. Fires involving fuel like petrol are different and cannot be extinguished with water.

Royal Enfield Catches Fire, And Explodes: Video

These types of fires can be extinguished only with the help of Class B or Class ABC fire extinguishers. These types of extinguishers are designed to tackle such fires. They can easily put out fires involving flammable liquids like petrol and oil, which are commonly found in motorcycles.

For those who may not be aware, Class B extinguishers use agents such as carbon dioxide or dry chemical powder to smother the flames effectively. On the other hand, Class ABC extinguishers are versatile. They can also handle other types of fires like those involving electrical equipment.