Royal Enfield motorcycle modified with tractor tyres looks absolutely extreme

Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite popular among motorcyclists around the world. Royal Enfield has been one of the world’s oldest bike manufacturer who is still in production. People like it for its retro looks and is a preferred bike for road trips. It is also one of the most modified motorcycle in India.

Royal Enfield motorcycles serve as a good donor bikes for several projects. We have seen several Royal Enfield motorcycle being converted into cruiser, bobber, scrambler style motorcycles. Here we have a video that shows a Royal Enfield motorcycle that has been modified with extremely wide tyres.

As seen in the video, the bike has been extremely modified. It is modified to an extent where it does not look like a Royal Enfield anymore. The bike gets several modifications but, the main highlight on this motorcycle undoubtedly remains the tractor like tyres. It looks like the bike has been completely modified to accommodate these new set of tyres.

If we look at the images, it is quite clear that the front suspension setup has been changed along with the triple tree. It is now a custom made unit. The stock headlamp has been replaced for aftermarket projector LED units. A couple of auxiliary lamps have also been installed on the forks. The owner replaced the stock handle bar for a custom made C-shape unit.

The fuel tank has also been replaced for a custom made unit. The tank has a design similar to some of the Harley Davidson motorcycles. As we move towards the rear, the seat has been lowered and it is quite evident that some changes has been made to the swingarm too.

The rear suspension has been replaced for a mono-shock unit and it gets a suspended single seat setup. The rear fender is again a custom made unit as it needs to cover the fat tyre at the rear. The chopped off fender exposes the rear tyre and at the tip of the fender, there are aftermarket turn indicators installed.

Royal Enfield motorcycle modified with tractor tyres looks absolutely extreme

Tail light is placed on the left hand side of the motorcycle. We are not sure whether the owner has made any modifications to the engine of this motorcycle. Even though, it has so many things done to it, the main attraction is definitely the tyres. The front wheels do get a disc brake but, we are not sure on how good they are.

With all these modifications in place, the bike does looks very unique and is a head turner for sure. About the looks, well we leave to you readers as we understand that everyone has their own taste when it comes to modifications and customisations. These modifications will have for sure affected the handling of the motorcycle and it cannot be called as a motorcycle that can be used on a daily basis. This is a good display bike because if cops spot you with this bike on the road, they’ll definitely be stopping you for modifying the vehicles as any type of modification on a vehicle is now illegal in our country.