5 custom, modified Royal Enfield motorcycles

Royal Enfield motorcycles and modification have become synonymous in India. The retro modern bikes have a separate fan-base that cherish their bikes like loved ones. In the market of aftermarket mods, custom parts for Royal Enfield bikes can be spotted easily and they are always in top demand. The bikes by Royal Enfield (except the latest 650 twins) maybe a bit dated when it comes to technology and engine efficiency but they score high on character and the typical cruiser bike feel. If you are a fan of modified Royal Enfield bikes, here are 5 examples for you which range for subtle mods to full wacky custom jobs.

Subtle and Classy

5 custom, modified Royal Enfield motorcycles

Starting on a lighter note, this Signals edition Royal Enfield Classic 350 gets minor changes across its body which make it look very attractive. The blacked out handlebars and exhaust pipe are actually not done by the owner but are part of the Signals edition package. Contrasting the blue pain scheme here is the black net placed over the fuel tank, which adds to its visual appeal without even trying. The tail light has been blacked out too while the indicators gets a black grille with vertical slats over them. The custom foot guard has been braided in black which again looks good. All in all, few touches here and there have made this bike look quite cool.

The Blue Bobber

5 custom, modified Royal Enfield motorcycles

Bobber themed modifications are one of the most popular mod jobs done on Royal Enfield bikes and this Classic turned bobber is a perfect example of that. On this bike, the front and rear tires along with the rims have been replaced with aftermarket units while the fenders have also been cut short and painted black. The rear subframe has been left bare and there is a single retro inspired saddle in place. The shiny blue paint job further adds to the visual drama of this bike and it looks pretty wild.

Modern Menace

5 custom, modified Royal Enfield motorcycles

This modification here shows how a Royal Enfield bike can be turned into a short tailed city brat bike in the best possible way. Done on a RE Classic, The rear end has been chopped and a new custom wheel has been added. The saddle is now a slick single piece unit with integrated LED tail light at the bottom. A tire hugging fender adds further appeal to the bike, while the short piped custom exhaust lends it the necessary sound amplification. The handlebars are now clip on units while the speedometer is a single pod unit, both of which add to the sporty nature of this mod. Done in Shiny black, this custom mod job sure looks slick and suave in one.

Old School Cruiser

5 custom, modified Royal Enfield motorcycles

Many owners use their Royal Enfield for long trips and do interstate trips. The Manali or Ladakh trip on a Royal Enfield is perhaps the wish of every owner of these magnificent bikes. For the same, this one has been given a heavy cruiser look. It features big auxiliary lamps up front and at the rear which provide better illumination during night. A custom thick padded rear seat has been added keeping pillion comfort in mind. The front fender gets a unique triangular design mount while the spoked wheels have been painted black. The bike has been further adorned with a shade of Khaki and black along with a custom silencer to make it sound like riot.

Crazy Horse

If you are done with all the tasteful modifications done above, here is one crazy mod job to spice things up. The video above shows a Royal Enfield Classic whose rear end has been spruced up with a huge custom wheel. The wheel is easily one of the biggest one we have seen on an Enfield and is topped by a massive flat fender.

To incorporate a tire of such huge dimension, a custom swing arm has been used which is wider and longer than the stock unit. The road presence of the bike has gone up several notches with this modification, though we are sure that the handling would’ve gone for a toss.

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