Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts BUSTED: Exhausts removed by cops

Hyderabad Royal Enfield Loud Exhaust Ban Featured

If you have a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a noisy, modified exhaust, you could be in the radar of Hyderabad cops, who are aggressively busting riders running motorcycles with modified exhausts. While the Hyderabad Traffic Police officials are fining such riders, and submitting their details to the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) for further action, cops in Ramagundam, a city in Telangana, are going a step ahead. They’re marching riders of modified Royal Enfields to police stations, calling in mechanics, and getting the exhausts removed. The Ramagundam and Hyderabad police officials seem to differ on the way the drive is being carried out against Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts.

Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts BUSTED: Exhausts removed by cops

While the cops at Ramagundam are rmeoving exhausts, the ones at Hyderabad state that they don’t have the power to actually remove the exhaust, and can only fine bikers and report them to the RTA. Here is what Ramagundam traffic circle inspector Ramesh Babu had to say,

The bikers are resorting to sound pollution with modified silencers. We conducted a special drive in Ramagundam town in Mancherial district today. We focused on Royal Enfield and Yamaha vehicles with modified silencers making a huge noise. We caught the bikers and took them to the police station along with the vehicles. Motorbike mechanics engaged by us removed the silencers. Sound pollution is a big menace. We have done the special drive in view of disturbances caused to other motorists and the general public. We will not tolerate any kind of actions that increase sound pollution.

Talking a slightly different stance, a Hyderabad police official said,

Police have no right to remove silencers. In Hyderabad, we are testing (decibels) sound pollution using meters and imposing a fine of Rs 1,000 on violators. We can send vehicles for vehicle check report in case of violations. There are prescribed guidelines under MV Act and PCB rules.

The exhaust is the most commonly modified part on Royal Enfield motorcycles. Owners swap the factory fitted units, which have muted thumps with aftermarket units that are much louder. While some aftermarket exhausts are mild and muted enough not to attract the attention of police officials, many other exhausts are very loud. These exhausts startle fellow road users and contribute to the already high ambient noise levels across most Indian cities to the point that they are now considered a menace. Across India, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on Royal Enfield motorcycles fitted with loud aftermarket exhausts.

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