Royal Enfield officially launches crash guards for Classic, Electra and Bullet range of motorcycles [Video]

Royal Enfield has officially released a video that shows crash guards for the Classic, Bullet and Electra range of motorcycles that the brand sells in India. These crash guards come in different designs and are reinforced to protect the engine and the rider’s legs during a crash. The crash guards are meant to make space between the ground and a falling/fallen motorcycle, allowing the rider to get away from the crashed motorcycle without getting trapped under it. Moreover, the crash guard helps protect many vital bits of the motorcycle from getting damaged in the crash.

The pricing of the crash guards are yet to be revealed. However, the video clearly specifies that these crash guards/engine guards will be made available at all Royal Enfield dealerships across India. Notably, Royal Enfield is steadily increasing the number of accessories that it sells through its dealerships and service centers. Many of these accessories also get company warranty. They also do not void the factory warranty, which may not be the case with other aftermarket accessories.

Crash guards or engine guards have been in the eye of the storm after the Delhi High Court banned bullbars on vehicles sold in India. While the ban has since been stayed for now, the final judgment on bullguards/crash guards are yet to be pronounced. It remains to be seen if the engine guards/crash guards that Royal Enfield now sells fall under the bullguards/crash guards that the court banned.

We’re saying this because there were instances of police and transport officials of many states stopping motorcycles and fining them for having crash guards during the time when the court enforced ban on crash guards/bull bars were in place. Considering the fact that Royal Enfield is now selling crash guards through its official dealerships, it’s likely that these guards may not come under the purview of bullbar/crash guard ban.