Royal Enfield owner warns RE users of ‘jail time’ if caught using ‘pataka’ silencers [Video]

Police forces across the country are cracking down hard on Royal Enfield motorcycles fitted with modified exhausts, especially the ones that make a very loud, cracking noise, also called ‘pataka’ as it resembles gunshots/noise made by firecrackers. A Youtuber – a Royal Enfield owner himself – has come up with a video, warning other Royal Enfield owners who have modified ‘pataka’ exhausts on their motorcycles about the consequences of using such exhausts. Here, watch the video for yourself.

As the Royal Enfield owner explains, cops across India are taking multiple steps to curb the menace of loud exhausts on Royal Enfield motorcycles. In many cases, Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts disturb the peace of localities, and have caused severe trouble to heart patients, infants and senior citizens. Cops around India are resorting to many ways of dealing with this problem.

In Bangalore, cops are literally seizing these loud exhausts and crushing them using a road roller. In Punjab, cops are fining owners, and in some cases registering cases against repeat offenders, and producing them before courts, who then decide whether the offender be fined or even be jailed for up to 3 months. Yes, having a modified exhaust on a Royal Enfield can even attract jail time in extreme cases.

In other parts of the country, such as Maharashtra and Delhi, hefty fines are being levied on Royal Enfield motorcycles running extremely loud, aftermarket exhausts. So, if you’re about to install a modified, aftermarket exhaust on to your Royal Enfield motorcycle, you have been warned. The cops are out in full force to act against such motorcycles.

All aftermarket exhausts are illegal!

As the law stands, all aftermarket exhausts for cars/motorcycles are illegal in India. They can only be used on non-public roads. However, a thriving aftermarket exhaust industry continues to build loud exhausts (popularly called silencers) as big demand exists. As sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles have grown significantly, loud aftermarket exhausts have become more common, increasing noise pollution and forcing cops to act.

Video courtesy TinkuMoon