Royal Enfield Photon electric bike: All you need to know about the modified motorcycle

Electric vehicles are probably going to be the future of mobility and many manufacturers have already entered this space. in the last one year we have seen many electric cars and two-wheelers being launched in the market. Hyundai Kona, MG eZS and Tata Nexon were the fully electric cars and Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube and Ather electric scooters were some of the electric two wheelers that got launched in the market. Here we have a new electric motorcycle that is called Photon and is manufactured by United Kingdom based Electric Classic cars. Photon electric motorcycle is based on the regular Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Re Photon 1

The UK based Electric Classic cars as the name suggests is a company that is known for converting regular petrol or diesel powered old cars into an electric car. They are well known in this space and even converted cars like Porsche 911, Maseratis and Mini in the past. Coming to the photon, the Royal Enfield Bullet based electric motorcycle looks very similar to the regular Bullet but the difference lies in the engine. The area where one normally finds the engine of the Royal Enfield has been completely changed and is replaced with an electric motor that delivers power to the rear wheels.

Re Photon 3

The Photon is powered by a 10 Kw electric motor that generates around 15.6 Bhp and like any other electric vehicle has generous amount of torque. The top speed of the Royal Enfield Photon is limited to 70 mph or 112 kmph to squeeze out maximum range from the batteries. The electric motor and the battery pack is protected inside a black casing under the fuel tank. The motor gets a liquid cooled, radiator set up to control the temperature.

Re Photon 2

Next thing about the Photon is the range. Electric Classic Cars claim that the electric version of the RE Bullet, Photon has a range of around 80 miles which is approximately 129 km on a fully charged battery. The charging time required to fully recharge the Photon is around 90 mins and there is also an option of fast charging. Just like any other electric vehicle, the price for the Photon is also on the higher side. The price for Photon in UK is around £ 20,000 which translates to Rs 19 lakh approximately. We might see a less expensive Indian version created by some custom house in coming years.

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