Royal Enfield rider fined Rs 23,000 for LOUD exhaust: Bike SEIZED [Video]

Aftermarket exhausts are illegal in India and cops around the country have started cracking down the motorcycles with such exhausts. Most of these riders are Royal Enfield riders and cops regularly catch such motorists and fine them. Well, here is an incident that happened in Sirsa, Haryana. The police caught a Royal Enfield Bullet rider for illegal exhaust and slapped a hefty fine on him.

The cops stopped the youth for a regular checking when he was riding through the roads. The cops then inspected the exhaust and found that the exhaust is aftermarket and not stock. The cops then rode the bike in front of the owner and found out that it makes the loud cracking noises. The police noticed the youth riding the bike at a high speed and taking U-Turns and riding in front of them repeatedly.

When the cops asked the youth about the documents, he failed to show any of them. The owner said that he does not have any documents in place and after that cops seized his bike and asked him to prove the ownership. Currently, the cops issued a fine of Rs 23,000 on the rider. However, the cops said that if the owner brings in all the documents within a stipulated time and proves the ownership, the fine amount will become lower.

The young rider was fined under the new MV Act, which attracts about Rs 10,000 fine for riding a motorcycle with an aftermarket exhaust. Other fines include riding without documents like the driving license, registration certificate, insurance and pollution under control certificate. It should be noted that these documents can be presented to the cops for verification in a digital form too. However, the youth did not have the documents with him digitally or physically.

It is illegal to install and use aftermarket exhausts on the public roads. The aftermarket exhausts create a noise that is much louder than the stock exhausts that creates noise pollution. Also, since the aftermarket exhausts do not conform to the rules laid by the government, they can be more polluting than the regular stock exhausts too. There have been many incidents in the past involving the Royal Enfield riders for aftermarket exhausts. Even many super bikers have been caught in the past for using aftermarket exhausts on the public roads.

Royal Enfield rider fined Rs 23,000 for LOUD exhaust: Bike SEIZED [Video]

Even though the sale of such aftermarket exhausts is legal in India, they cannot be used on the public roads. However, one can always use them in private places like race tracks or private property as a farm house. Such exhausts create a lot of disturbance on the public roads and increase the level of noise pollution too. In many states, the cops have even started using scientific instruments to measure the level of noise like a decibel meter and fine the rule violators.