Royal Enfield rider hits pothole on highway at high-speed [Video]

Earlier this week, India beat China to become the second on the list of the biggest network of highways in the world after the USA. However, many of us will still agree that the quality of the Indian highways is not optimum. While numerous accidents happen every day on Indian roads because of the bad roads, here is an accident caught on the dashboard camera that shows a Royal Enfield hitting a pothole at high speed.

The exact location of this accident remains unknown. However, the video taken from a dashboard camera shows the Royal Enfield rider on a relatively empty highway doing some good speeds. The rider hits a pothole in the middle of the road causing him to jump out of his seat.

However, the rider could not balance the motorcycle after hitting the pothole. The rider is thrown away and hits the divider of the highway. The motorcycle slips for a few metres. Since the rider is wearing riding gear, we hope that the injuries are minimal. However, it does look like a nasty one.

Motorists responsible for bad roads

Royal Enfield rider hits pothole on highway at high-speed [Video]

In 2020, Ahmedabad Police said if the road conditions are poor, drivers are still expected to exercise caution and drive responsibly. In the past, individuals involved in fatal accidents were booked under Section 304-A, which deals with causing death by negligence. However, a new section has been implemented that will result in stricter actions against those involved in accidents.

Under the revised policy, drivers involved in fatal accidents will be booked under Section 304, which pertains to culpable homicide not amounting to murder. This change reflects the authorities’ intention to hold individuals accountable for their actions and emphasizes the seriousness of such incidents.

The Union Minister of Roads and Transport, Nitin Gadkari, stated that the Indian roads would become as good as the roads in the USA by 2024. A recent announcement by the Minister revealed plans to upgrade the road infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir to meet the standards of western Europe within the next three years.

Back in October of 2022, the MoRTH minister addressed the 81st Annual Session of the Indian Roads Congress in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. During the session, the minister reiterated the goal of bringing the road infrastructure in the state on par with that of the US by 2024.

Furthermore, the minister announced several projects worth a total of Rs 7000 crores that would be implemented across Uttar Pradesh. Quoting US President John F. Kennedy, he emphasized the importance of good roads, stating, “American roads are not good because America is rich, but America is rich because American roads are good.”

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