Royal Enfield rider trapped in front of a wild elephant escapes miraculously [Video]

In many South Indian states, there are reports of wild animals especially elephants coming out on the road. There are several videos available where people have shared there experience after they spotted elephant on the road. In some cases, elephant even charged on people or vehicle which came in front of it. In the past, there have been several incidents were wild elephants have killed people. Here we have another incident from Kerala, where a Royal Enfield rider miraculously escaped from an elephant which came on the road.

The video has been shared by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. In this video report, the rider is seen with his motorcycle in front of an elephant which came out on the road from the nearby jungle. The rider whose name is Datsun is a construction worker was returning from the site to his house after work. The incident happened on Athirappally-Valparai road which passes through the forest. Datsun who is from a town called Mala in Thrissur district of Kerala was returning to home in the evening when he encountered the elephant.

Datsun was riding his Royal Enfield motorcycle and according to him, the elephant was on the road. He could not see the elephant early because there is a curve in the road. The elephant was standing right next to the curve so he had no time to stop and turn the motorcycle around. He can be heard saying in the video that as soon as the elephant saw the rider, it turned towards him. Datsun was helpless because turning around or running would only make the elephant even more angry. He turned the motorcycle off so that the sound and the light does not make him angry.

Royal Enfield rider trapped in front of a wild elephant escapes miraculously [Video]


The elephant was almost 10 feet away from the motorcycle and after that, it came towards the rider. Datsun mentions that he had all sorts of thoughts in his mid and he was pretty sure that the elephant was going to attack him. Surprisingly, the elephant came near the motorcycle and touched the front wheel with its trunk. Elephant even touched Datsun using his trunk. The rider was trying to remain calm and panicking would not help him in this situation. Both Datsun and Elephant stared at each other for some time and when the elephant thought that, the rider would not harm him, he went back into the jungle.

A couple of riders who were coming behind Datsun witnessed the whole incident. One of them even recorded a video which has now gone viral on the internet. Datsun mentions that he usually goes through the same route for work and has seen several wild animals in the route. This is the first time, he saw an elephant. The riders who were behind Datsun came near him to see if he was alright and they shared the video with Datsun. The Royal Enfield mentions that he will never forget this incident and he feels lucky to have escaped unhurt. Recently, a video of couple of wild elephants attacking a Honda Amaze in Karnataka had gone viral online.