This modified Royal Enfield Scrambler combines form with function BEAUTIFULLY

Scramblers have been catching up as a popular motorcycle type of lately. The interest spiked to peak when there were rumors of Jawa bringing a new scrambler themed bike during its launch but that didn’t happen. Ever since then, there have been lot of mod jobs done on various motorcycles to give them the typical scrambler look.

Royal Enfield is also making a scrambler version of its popular Classic 500 motorcycle, which could be the cheapest production scrambler in India. However, today we bring you a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Electra which has been modified into a proper scrambler. Take a look at the video before we proceed further.

Scramblers are basically striped down bikes which are meant for off roading. Spoked rims, knobby wheels, short rear fender and bare minimum design are among the features that a scrambler is made up of. Coming to the Bullet Scrambler, it has been modified by Revheads and done very nicely. It is not somethings out of the world and one can still tell that it was once a Bullet. Which, in fact is its main plus point. The modified scrambler does not lose much of its original DNA and the motorcycle gains a new personality. Let’s now see in detail all what has gone into the making of this motorcycle.

This modified Royal Enfield Scrambler combines form with function BEAUTIFULLY

Starting from the front, the headlamps have been replaced with a smaller unit that goes with the look of a scrambler. The Bullet handlebars have been replaced with more practicals ones, finished in black. The front fender has also been chopped and given a black paint finish. In fact,  the whole bike carries the black paint finish except for the fuel tank and the tool box. This creates an interesting contrast and gives the bike a proper scrambler character. A new saddle now sits where once the stock Royal Enfield seat was. The rear subframe has been custom made for the bike and has been made to give it a short tail look.

The tires at both the front and rear are shod with blacked out spoked rims and are custom units. The instrument cluster has also been replaced with a new single piece units that gives all the relevant information. Then there is the custom silencer which creates a rather blissful note out of it. The tail light is a single piece circular unit and does its job without any pomp and show. The front gets a disc brake while the rear end does with a drum brake unit.

Currently, the most affordable production scrambler available in India is the FB Mondial HPS 300. The radical looking scrambler motorcycle is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 3.37 lakhs, which is quiet a sum. It is a good bike but definitely overpriced and out of reach of many customers. Therefore, modifications like this one here are the sole provider of affordable scrambler motorcycles.