Ultimate Royal Enfield silencer for your noise-maker Enfield friend [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their characteristic thump on the Indian roads. Many Royal Enfield enthusiasts choose the brand only for the unique thump it makes and quite a few of them modify their rides with aftermarket exhaust to make the thump louder and clearer.

While cops of different states have cracked down on motorcycles with loud exhausts every now and then, there are still many out there who use it regularly. Here is an ultimate amplification that one can give to their Royal Enfield motorcycle’s exhaust.

Loudspeaker exhaust

A YouTube vlogger has experimented with a horn-type loudspeaker mouth on the Royal Enfield exhaust and the result is quite interesting. The Horn loudspeaker is one of the most widely used systems in the public addressing or gathering. They are very efficient and very loud. However, the person doing the experiments used only the dome part of the Horn loudspeaker and other parts were removed. The exhaust served as the source of the sound and the sound has not been amplified electronically as it is done in the regular use of the horn type loudspeakers.

The video shows that the dome of the horn loudspeaker has been attached to the stock Royal Enfield exhaust. It has been secured in place with the help of ropes to ensure that it stays in place and does not fall off. The bike starts and the exhaust note appears to be a bit louder than the stock exhaust. Even though the YouTube presenter claims that the motorcycle has become immensely loud, probably the camera recording the video could not capture all of it. It could be much louder in real life.

Again, no electronic amplification has been done and only the dome has been used to direct all the sound in one direction. The dome accentuates the sound by allowing it to become much louder and concentrated in one direction. The small passage of the dome restricts the air, which causes the acoustic impedance to rise. It creates the sound to develop a high pressure. In simpler terms, the shape of the dome ensures that the sound becomes much louder than the original source.

Ultimate Royal Enfield silencer for your noise-maker Enfield friend [Video]

The experiment sure looks extremely interesting but if a traffic police officer sees such a set-up, it would lead to either fines or the bike getting seized. Alteration to the exhaust system is illegal in India. Even the aftermarket exhausts that are louder than the stock exhausts are illegal. There are strict penalties for such modifications under the Motor Vehicle Act.

In the past, cops have seized and even destroyed loud exhausts to ensure that they don’t become a reason behind noise pollution. However, they continue to be on the sale in the market as they are legal to use on private tracks and private properties. Many of such exhausts increase the power output and are used by professionals on the racing tracks. However, on the public roads, the use of such exhausts are strictly banned.