Royal Enfield Swagman aftermarket silencer is 'designed' to FOOL cops [Video]

Royal Enfield Swagman aftermarket silencer is ‘designed’ to FOOL cops [Video]

We’ve seen some really well-crafted, high-quality replica cars and motorcycles but this one certainly takes the cake. No, today, we’re not talking about some mainstream vehicle that’s trying to mimic a pricier one. Instead, our focus is on this aftermarket stock replica silencer for Royal Enfield motorcycles that can be used to fool cops. As we all know, traffic cops in various parts of the country have started nabbing Royal Enfield riders who use loud, aftermarket exhausts. This aftermarket silencer, however, might enable you to avoid getting caught whilst enjoying the characteristic RE ‘thump’.

Known as the ‘Swagman Replica’, this aftermarket silencer looks almost exactly like the stock silencer on the Royal Enfield Classic. You can either purchase this in a chrome finish or go for a powder-coated black finish. The vlogger in the above video goes on to show how this silencer retains the characteristic thump without being overly loud or too bassy. According to him, this silencer is only a bit louder than the silencer of the BS3 REs. This aftermarket unit contains ceramic wool, which can be easily replaced. He also shows how this silencer gets two clamps for mounting this silencer. The proper support for this silencer ensures there are no vibrations from the exhaust pipe. The vlogger even starts the motorcycle to show us how the motorcycle sounds.

We must say that the motorcycle shown here has a deep, sufficiently bassy sound note that isn’t too loud or irritating. It’s a pretty good option for all the RE users who’ve been thinking of modifying the stock silencer for a healthier sound note. This silencer can help you enjoy a healthy sound note without catching the attention of cops. The fact that this silencer looks exactly like the stock one and isn’t much louder either should help you avoid any confrontation with the traffic police.

Cops across the country are cracking down hard on REs fitted with loud exhausts, especially the ones that can make ‘pataka‘ sounds that resemble a gunshot. Such silencers disturb the peace of localities and even cause inconvenience to heart patients, infants and senior citizens. Hence, cops in some major cities have gone to the lengths of seizing such loud exhausts and rendering them useless by crushing them under a road-roller. In some states, cops are producing repeat offenders before court magistrates, who can even order a jail sentence of up to 3 months.

Video source – Bullet Guru