Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X/500X cruiser motorcycles: 5 KEY changes compared to regular model

On the 28th of February, Royal Enfield will launch two new variants of the Thunderbird cruiser motorcycle – the 350X and the 500X. Both motorcycles will use the existing mechanicals of the 350 cc and 500 cc models but will get key stylistic and feature changes. The Thunderbird X range is expected to be slightly pricier than the existing line-up. Royal Enfield will position the Thunderbird 350X and 500X as motorcycles mainly meant for urban buyers, who want a splash of style and relaxed riding ergonomics.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X/500X cruiser motorcycles: 5 KEY changes compared to regular model

Here are 5 key differences between the Thunderbird 350X/500X and the older models,

Cruiser style handlebar and footpeg geometry

The new motorcycles will have flatter handlebars and kicked out footpegs for a cruiser-esque riding position. The Thunderbird 350X and 500X will be the first such motorcycles from Royal Enfield, as every other bike produced by the company has had mid- or rear-set footpegs. The new riding position could be quite comfortable on longer trips as well.

Single seat

Royal Enfield will replace the twin seat layout of the current Thunderbird twins with a long, single seat option on the new motorcycles. The new seat is likely to be more of a visual cue rather, designed to go well with the new design of the motorcycle rather than a significant improvement over the split seat design of the older motorcycles.

Revised tail design

The new Thunderbird X range will also get a revised rear-end design, with a soft tail-like look. This truncated rear end design is meant to give the Thunderbird X range a chopper stance. A popular option on the after market circuit, this change on production models should make the new motorcycles quite popular.

Alloy wheels

The Thunderbird X range will get alloy wheels, another first for a recent Royal Enfield motorcycle. The last time Royal Enfield used alloy wheels on its motorcycles was in the 1980s, on the Explorer 50 cc motorcycle and the Silver Plus moped.

Brand new paint schemes

The Thunderbird X will be among the most attractive motorcycles that Royal Enfield has produced, at least in terms of the paint schemes. White, Blue, Yellow and Red are four new paint schemes the new cruiser motorcycle range will soon get.