Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified into a Harley Davidson lookalike bobber bike [Video]

Harley Davidson is one of the biggest and most admired names in the motorcycle fraternity across the world. Be it their big bulky cruisers or lightweight bobbers, the guys at Milwaukee do know how to create magic. However, the price of Harley bikes in India is astonishingly high, the main reason behind which is that most of them come as CBUs. The most affordable Harley Davidson bike in India costs around Rs. 5.5 lakhs and the range goes up all the way up to Rs. 50 lakhs. What to do then if you want a Harley like motorycle in cheap? The video below by Vampvideo answers just that.

As seen in the video here, a Royal Enfield motorcycle has been converted into a Harley Davidson lookalike motorcycle. This custom bobber started its life as a 2015 model Royal Enfield Thunderbird but has been completely revamped now into this hot looking avatar. Almost every part of the bike has been replaced with new aftermarket parts to give it a custom Harley-Davidson inspired bobber look. The tank has been painted in red and gets a Harley Davidson sticker on it while the rest of the body has been draped in black, including the engine.

Coming to the changes made on the bike, let’s first talk about the front section of this hot looking bobber. The headlight has been replaced with an aftermarket full-LED unit that looks great and throws a brilliant beam. The instrument console now is a single pod circular unit which is fully digital and displays all relevant information. The triple tree and handlebar have been replaced too with custom made units in order to give this bike the perfect low slung bobber look. The tires on both the front and the back have been replaced with thicker units while the rims too are aftermarket units. In true bobber style, the fenders at both the ends have been chopped short and are painted in black.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified into a Harley Davidson lookalike bobber bike [Video]

Unlike most of the mod jobs we come across, this bobber themed bike comes with a pillion saddle as well. This means that a long ride can be enjoyed on this bike by not only the rider, which is usually the case with such bikes, but also the rider’s companion. Both the seats are custom made units with ribbed leather outer cover. The ride height of the bike has been lowered substantially in order to achieve the typical bobber look while the handlebars and footpegs have been positioned so as to make the riding triangle comfortable. Completing the whole package are those twin pipe wrapped silencer pipes that give out a throaty exhaust note. As for the total cost of this mod job, i is upwards of Rs. 1 lakh but when compared to the cost of a Harley bike, that is not much of a price to pay.