Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified into a really cool chopper

The iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles are known to offer a lot of retro charm and are comfortable mile-munchers. Also, they seem to be a favourite of motorcycle customisers in this country. Today, we focus on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird-based custom chopper from Pixain Customs. As you can see in the video below, this RE T’bird looks nothing like the stock motorcycle. Instead, it has been transformed into a true-blue American chopper bike.

The front-end of the motorcycle gets a new multispoke alloy-rim that has been shod with fatter rubber. The original fender has been replaced with a sleeker unit. Also, the stock front forks have been replaced with USD front forks. The original headlamp has been replaced with a smaller unit. Also, the stock indicators have made way for small ones that are positioned right below the headlamp unit.

Once astride, you’ll be quick to notice the rather bulbous fuel tank and the flat handlebar. This chopper motorcycle doesn’t have any sort of instrumentation. Also, there are no rearview mirrors.  Also, unlike the regular Thunderbird, this chopper is a single-seater. As this Thunderbird has been converted into a chopper bike, the rider sits quite low. The original exhaust pipe has been replaced with a new, black-painted upswept unit. Other highlights of the side profile include a black-painted engine, custom side panels and an extended wheelbase. The low seat, flat handlebar, and the long wheelbase give this Thunderbird a decidedly American chopper look.

Akin to the rest of the motorcycle, the rear-end is completely different from the stock motorcycle. The original fender has been replaced with a bigger one. The original tail light and indicators have been removed. Instead, this motorcycle gets a small tail light just above the side-mounted registration plate. Also, the original indicators have made way for much smaller units that are positioned below the seat. Just like the front-end, the rear gets an aftermarket multi-spoke rim. It’s not known if this motorcycle carries any sort of performance modifications. However, like we said, this custom chopper looks really cool and can easily attract eyeballs wherever it goes.

Source – MotoMahal on Youtube