Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified to look like a Harley-Davidson CVO

It is quite difficult to find a Royal Enfield in stock condition. Most people change something or the other on their brand-new Royal Enfield motorcycles. Well, many more go for full customisation options on their bikes. There are many Royal Enfield-specific customisation garages across the world and many of them are located n India. Here is one job that is done by Bulleter Customs based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The base bike here is Royal Enfield Thunderbird that has been modified to look like a Harley Davidson CVO.

Most of the updates done to the motorcycle are visual ones to make it look like the Harley Davidson CVO. Starting with the massive front of the bike, Bulleteer Customs have transformed the Thunderbird to CVO lookalike. The front gets a massive fairing, which is long as well as wide. It is one of the highlights that make the Royal Enfield Thunderbird look like a CVO. We are not sure if the customising garage has also worked on its aerodynamics profile but the windscreen should provide some protection to the rider while cruising on the highways.

The middle section of the bike remains more or less the same. The rear of the bike gets hard case panniers on both sides. There is also a hard top box. These accessories also make the Thunderbird look like the Harley Davidson CVO.

The seat has been redesigned too. It is a customised seat for providing a much more comfortable ride. The bike now also gets alloy wheels and there are additional aftermarket components too. There are LED headlamp, all LED turn indicators, rearview mirrors, exhaust and tyres.

Royal Enfield Odyssey

Bulleteer Customs have given it the name – Odyssey. That is why you get to see the Odyssey badging on the front fairing and even on the panniers of the bike. The nameplate is secured with the famous Royal Enfield pinstripe, which is also known as the Madras stripe.

However, the bike is not ready yet. As per Bulleteer Customs, there are a few more things that will be done to this Royal Enfield Odyssey in the near future. They have not revealed the exact kind of updates or customisations that will happen to this bike though. They did reveal that it will get a few upgrades including a cooling compartment for long trips. The compartment will be useful in storing beverages.

Also, there is a possibility of adding a music system, just like the Harley Davidson CVO gets. Such modifications are not legal but most of the time, cops do not care much if the exhaust noise is under control. However, structural changes are not allowed in any of the vehicles in India.