Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified into big daddy cruiser is a STUNNER

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is among the best proper cruiser bikes you can buy in India under Rs. 2 lakh price mark. It is sold with two engine options, a 350 cc engine and a 500 cc engine. The company even offers a street smart version of the bike which goes by the name of Thunderbird X. Now Delhi based Neev Motorcycles have created a rather stunning version of the Thunderbird and it looks absolute gorgeous. Watch the video below to get a good look of the bike before we proceed any further.

As you might already know by now, this one is art on wheels. It has been named ‘Parakram’ by its modifier and the name fits aptly to its character. According to Neev Motorcycles, the highlight of the Parakram is its unique paint job makes it a sure shot eye catcher. It is a full metal flakes custom paint job with zinc coating along with powder coating. The eye catching yellow-red-orange paint job with many other shades makes this bike stand apart. The whole bike has been covered in several unique patterns and designs too, which are further complimented by a different paint shade on each pattern. Let’s now discuss about the other changes made on the bike.

The Parakram is based on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird but it now is quite different to the stock bike. The video gives a clear picture of this and the bike is simply massive. The stock frame has been modified while the rear swingarm has been extended to achieve this big cruiser look. The ride height has been set low while the old school cruiser handle bar creates a relaxed riding stance. The saddle is a custom unit which is quite large and comfortable. As a cruiser should be comfortable over long rides, the saddle, handle bars and the foot pegs have been positioned in such a way so as to make the rider comfortable.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird modified into big daddy cruiser is a STUNNER

Most of the body parts and panels used on the bike are hand fabricated in house. The front and rear mudguards, side body panels, headlight casing, front suspension cover and tank are some of the parts that are custom fabricated by the modifier. The triple tree is a special wider unit that gives the bike a unique wide body look. The instrument cluster has been moved to the top of the tank and the fuel filler cap has been placed at one side of the tank in true cruiser fashion.

Other notable changes on the bike include the dual pipe exhaust with fish tail ends, custom rear suspension, front headlight assembly and phone holder with charging facility. Without a doubt, the Parakram is a gorgeous take on a regular Royal Enfield Thunderbird. It has the typical cruiser looks along with real world practicality. The road presence of the bike is undeniably huge, which is quite apparent in the video too.