Royal Enfield to discontinue Himalayan 411 for a more powerful version

It might come as surprising news for many, but Royal Enfield is secretly planning to pull the plug off the production of its popular adventure tourer, Himalayan 411. However, before you make further speculations, Royal Enfield plans to replace the motorcycle with a bigger and more powerful motorcycle to be called the Himalayan 450.

Royal Enfield to discontinue Himalayan 411 for a more powerful version

Like the Himalayan 411, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 will be a hardcore adventure tourer, which will be designed and engineered with the brand’s traditional ethos in mind. As the suffix suggests, the new Himalayan 450 will get a bigger four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 450cc engine, which will replace the current 411cc engine of the Himalayan as reported by BikeWale.

The bigger engine will naturally increase the power and torque outputs of the motorcycle. A few speculations indicate that the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 will claim around 40 bhp of power and 45 Nm of torque, thus aiming squarely at the KTM 390 Adventure. Also new to the Himalayan 450 will be a 6-speed gearbox, as the current Himalayan 411 comes with a 5-speed gearbox.

All-new engine

Royal Enfield to discontinue Himalayan 411 for a more powerful version

Unlike the current version, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan will get an advanced powertrain. The engine will feature a ride-by-wire system with three riding modes on offer, switchable off-road ABS and a revised part-digital instrument console with a cleaner layout than the console of the current model.

The current-generation Himalayan already has a nice, tall stance, and the new Himalayan 450 will only better it out with a slightly more muscular appeal to its tall stance. It will also come with bigger body panels, a 20-litre fuel tank and upswept exhaust, but will continue to come with halogen lights all around.

Royal Enfield will also make changes to the other mechanical parts of the motorcycle. While it will retain a mono-shock at the rear, which might get revised travel, the current front suspension unit will be replaced by upside-down hydraulic telescopic forks. While the current 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoke wheels will be retained, the tyres are expected to grow wider in size. The luggage rack at the back of the motorcycle is expected to have a luggage holding capacity of 15 litres, while the jerry can-mounters around the fuel tank will be retained as well.

Expect the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 to replace the current Himalayan 411 and arrive in India by early 2023. Once it arrives, it will become the most powerful Royal Enfield motorcycle with a single-cylinder engine.

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