Royal Enfield ties up with custom bike builders

Edit: Royal Enfield has denied plans of selling ‘custom-built’ bikes in India. The tie up with four custom-bike builders is merely to promote bike-customization. The story and headline have been modified to reflect Royal Enfield’s clarification.

Almost every other Royal Enfield owner customizes her/his motorcycle through the after-market route. Sensing a marketing opportunity, Royal Enfield has tied up with custom-bike builders, and has begun showcasing their work at the brand’s flagship store in Saket, Delhi.

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TNT Motorcycles of Delhi, Bombay Custom Works of Mumbai, Bull City Customs of Delhi are three of the four custom bike-builders Royal Enfield has tied up with. Here’s the official comment from Samrat Som – Head, Royal Enfield’s apparel & accessories business:

Royal Enfield sees custom builders as key members of our community because they have invested their whole life in motorcycles. Even today, a lot of people are buying Royal Enfield to express something about themselves — whether it’s a spirit of exploration, riding or one that makes them stand apart from the crowd. I think there’s a big difference us and other OEMs. The customisation there happens only from within a set. The beauty of our custom programme is that it’s fuelled by the community. Suppose you have a bike that you use for long rides or even commuting daily and after some time you feel you want a fresh look. You can decide to customise your bike and you are good to go.

Via TheTimesOfIndia