Modified Royal Enfield motorcyle with tractor tyres is totally EXTREME [Video]

There is no doubt over the fact that Royal Enfield bikes are the most modified bikes in India. There is a good probability that every second Enfield owner you meet has customized their bike in some way or the other. Many modification garages around the country specialize in modifying and customizing them and have created some pretty good examples in past.

However, there are some extreme wild modified Royal Enfield bikes out there too which force onlookers to drop their chores and stare at the bike. Here is one such modified Royal Enfield bike, which has been fitted with probably the biggest tires we’ve seen on a Royal Enfield bike. Take a look at the video below which shows it rolling around like a king.

The bike in the video above belongs to Mani Gill, who goes by the name of _mani_gill_1322_on Instagram. The bike is modified to a extreme and will make jaws drop wherever it goes. Almost every part of the bike has been modified including the swingarm and probably the engine too. This bike is modified in such a way that its everyday usability is compromised but it is a perfect example of extreme bike modification done right. Those tractor spec wheels make it stand out in a crowd other several other bikes too. Such bikes are very popular at bike festivals and are often used in mainstream music videos too.

Talking of other changes made on the bike, the front suspension along with the triple tree is a new custom unit built to accommodate those mammoth tires. The front headlamp is a LED projector unit while the handlebar is a custom wide C-shaped unit. The tank along with most of the body panels is a custom unit, designed in typical Harley peanut tank style. A custom exhaust has also been fitted to make it sound that matches its looks. The bike has been finished in a dual shade of Cyan-white which add subtlety to the otherwise wild design.

Modified Royal Enfield motorcyle with tractor tyres is totally EXTREME [Video]

However, modification of such extreme level definitely affects the everyday usability and practicality of a motorcycle. The super wide tires used here not only affect the handling negatively but also reduce the fuel efficiency of the bike. The custom superwide handlebar is another element that makes it tough to maneuver around in traffic.

Other sophisticated mods like swingarm extension etc should be done by professionals who know how to do such stuff like the back of their hands. Even a small error or calibration mistake can make your ride a total mess. This does not mean that one should not modify their bikes. However, do so according to your taste and get a good mechanic to work on your bike.