Meet India’s woman Royal Enfield mechanics [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles have always been related to the masculinity and machoness. However, there are numerous women Royal Enfield riders who go across the country confidently on their bikes. But what about a woman Royal Enfield mechanic? Meet Kaur from Arpora, Goa is one of the first woman Royal Enfield mechanics in India who loves her hands getting dirty while mending the Royal Enfields.

Meet Kaur is a regular at Royal Enfield Ridermania in Goa and there are numerous videos of her mending the Royal Enfield bikes. She knows the bikes inside out and can do various jobs. Meet Kaur expertise in installing new parts, repairing the parts and adjusting various things on the Royal Enfield motorcycles. She can also install aftermarket equipment and accessories on the bikes. Even though she works on all kinds of motorcycles, Royal Enfield bikes are her forte.

The lady mechanic is popular in the region and has got many loyal Royal Enfield riders who get their bikes repaired by her. She has taken a keen interest in gadgets and fixing them in childhood and has always been fascinated by motorcycles. She has studied motorcycles on her own at an early age and decided to become a mechanic. Meet Kaur has never taken any formal training and all her talent has been developed over time after researching about the motorcycles. Her research also includes watching videos of motorcycles to understand them more. Meet also says that she ensures that she is keeping herself up to date with the new motorcycles in the market.

Currently, she gets assisted by her two younger brothers – Karamdeep and Karamjeet. Her journey of becoming a professional mechanic has not been easy. Earlier she used to hide her profession after fearing that people will judge her. However, she is now very proud of what she does.

Meet is not the only woman Royal Enfield mechanic in India. There is a 20-year-old lady from Ranchi, Jharkhand who goes by the name Baby and is locally known as Bullet Girl. She has been repairing Royal Enfield motorcycles for more than seven years now and is very popular in the region. She owns a repair shop and even customers vouch for her work.

There is one more lady from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, who works at a Royal Enfield service centre and rides Royal Enfield motorcycles. She has been working with the Royal Enfield bikes for a long time now. The lady is known as Bullet Rani locally and is very popular for her skills and knowledge about the motorcycles. She was in college when she joined the service centre as a mechanic. She learned the work at the service centre and then started working on the motorcycles on her own.