Royal Enfield’s official aftermarket exhaust that’s LEGAL: Check out its sound on video

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most popular two wheeler brands in the country. They have a cult following and is also a bike that is chosen by many for long rides. It is famous among modifying circles and we have seen several Harley Davidson inspired Royal Enfields in the past. Any type of modification done to a vehicle is actually illegal in India and one of the commonly seen modification seen on Royal Enfield motorcycles in aftermarket exhausts.

Cops across the country have impounded several Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past for loud aftermarket illegal exhausts. To tackle this issue, Royal Enfield recently launched a range of official aftermarket silencers that comply with the new emission norms. Currently these silencers are available for Classic 350 and not bullets but, here we have a video that shows how you can actually install it on a Royal Enfield Bullet if needed.

The video has been uploaded by MUNDODI VLOGS on their Youtube channel. The video starts by comparing size of both the silencers. The new legal aftermarket silencer from RE is actually shorter but has a wider opening at the end. In comparison to the stock exhaust in the BS3 Standard 350, the new aftermarket exhaust produced less sound.

The vlogger can be heard saying in the video that after installing the new exhaust, his 2016 BS3 Royal Enfield Standard started to sound more like a BS6 version. If one is not satisfied with the sound, then he or she can easily remove the DB killer to give it a bit more character. As mentioned above, these silencers are currently available for Classic 350 only. The package comes with a silencer and a holder to fix it on the frame. with the stock holder that came with the aftermarket silencer, it was not going in completely.

Royal Enfield’s official aftermarket exhaust that’s LEGAL: Check out its sound on video

The vlogger came up with an idea and welded a piece of metal to the holder so that he can push the silencer inside and then punched a hole in the metal plate so that the holder can stay in place. The vlogger has been using this set up for over a month and says that the motorcycle felt a bit more refined and the the thumbs at higher speeds is good in this new silencer. These aftermarket silencers are listed on RE’s official website and can be ordered online.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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