Royal Enfield’s Well of Death/Maut Ka Kuan kicks off at Rider Mania today [Video]

The Rider Mania sees Royal Enfield owners from all over the country congregating at Vagator,Goa for a biker
extravaganza each year at Arpora village, Goa. This year, Rider Mania has a very unique attraction – Maut Ka Kuan, or Well of Death in English. Here’s a teaser video of what’s to come.

The ‘Maut Ka Kuan‘ is a popular act in country fairs across India where daredevil performers risk life and limb to  defy gravity by riding motorcycles in a tall cylinder-like structure. Centrifugal forces allow the motorcylists to  ride at crazy bank angles on the walls of the cylinder.

Generally, light two stroke motorcycles such as the Yamaha RX100 and Suzuki Shogun are preferred for the Maut Ka  Kuan, not heavy Royal Enfields. In a departure from the norm, there will be 6 riders on Royal Enfield motorcycles  riding the walls of the ‘well of death’ this year.

You must understand that these actions must not be imitated as they come with significant risk to life and limb.  Across India, many rider-performers of the ‘Well of Death’ have died or have been seriously injured while performing  these dangerous stunts. At Rider Mania, all the riders performing this stunt are said to be trained professionals.

Royal Enfield’s Well of Death/Maut Ka Kuan kicks off at Rider Mania today [Video]

Apart from the Well of Death, Rider Mania will have a bunch of other attractions. There will be a custom bike contest where custom bike builders from across India will compete for top honours. You can expect to see some crazy looking custom motorcycles on display at this event.

Royal Enfield riders who’re a part of the Rider Mania will also get to participate in a slow race, a dirt race, a  bike assembly contest and a bunch of other fun activities that will go on for the next couple of days. This time around, a major attraction for those attending the Rider Mania will be the newly launched Royal Enfield 650 twins.

Both the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650 will be on display at the Rider Mania, and  attendees will also be able to test ride these machines. Bookings for these motorcycles are already on at Royal  Enfield dealerships across India. However, the bulk of customer deliveries will begin only from early next year. The  bikes have been very competitively priced, with prices starting from just Rs. 2.34 lakhs. Both bikes use a newly  developed 650cc, four stroke parallel twin engine with 47 Bhp-52 Nm on tap.