Rs. 10,000 fine & driving license suspension for not carrying ‘Pollution Under Control’ certificate

The Delhi government has made it mandatory for motorists to carry valid pollution under control (PUC) certificates. Offenders who are found without the PUC will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 and an additional action of suspended driving license for three months.

Rs. 10,000 fine & driving license suspension for not carrying ‘Pollution Under Control’ certificate

The Delhi transport department issued a public notice on Sunday saying that vehicle owners caught without a valid PUC can face imprisonment of up to 6 months and or a 10,000 fine. The vehicles owners will not be allowed to hold their driving license for three months as punishment.

The notice by the government said,

“The Transport Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, in its ongoing efforts to control pollution and improve air quality in Delhi, requests all motor vehicle owners in Delhi to ply their vehicles only with valid pollution under control certificate. All registered vehicle owners are requested to get their vehicles checked from the pollution checking centres authorised by the Transport department to avoid any penalty/ imprisonment/ suspension of driving licence,”

All the vehicles including  BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4 and BS6 vehicles require to carry the PUC. Even vehicles fitted with CNG and LPG kits require to have the certificate. The certificate is renewed for one year for any BS4 and above petrol vehicle and a few diesel vehicles as well. For all other vehicles, the validity is only three months.

No need to carry RC, DL and Insurance

Last year, the government started a new initiative to start issuing e-challan vehicles. The police will not ask for the physical inspections for the forms like Driving License or insurance of the vehicle. The new software will be used to issue the challans and police officers will be able to check all the details related to the vehicle online through the new portal. All the documents will be uploaded into the system for the police to verify.

Some time ago, the government launched a new app, which allowed motorists to download a digital copy of their documents including the registration certificate and driving license. This move allowed the motorists to move around without these two documents as they can be downloaded on a smartphone. With the new move, there is no need to download the documents as the cops will be able to verify them in their own systems with the help of the new software. The only physical document that any motorist will need to carry will be pollution under check certificate.

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