45 lakh Rupee Honda Goldwing Delivery In India: This Is How It Happens [Video]

Honda Goldwing bike delivery

Ever since its launch back in 1974, the Honda Goldwing has been known for being one of the best cruising motorcycles in the world. Currently, this bike costs Rs. 39.90 lakh (ex-showroom) and Rs. 45 lakh (on-road depending upon the city). Now, naturally, a lot of people do not buy this unique motorcycle. However, people do wonder how such an expensive bike is delivered to their lucky customers. Well, if you are one of those people, then here’s a video that has been recently shared online that shows how a Rs. 45 lakh Honda Goldwing is delivered in India.

Honda Goldwing Cruiser motorcycle delivery

The video of the delivery of a Honda Goldwing Cruiser motorcycle has been shared on YouTube by Pilot On Wheels on their channel. In this particular short delivery video, a couple from Kerala is seen arriving at the Honda Motorcycle dealership in their Jeep Wrangler off-road SUV. Following this, a man and his wife, along with his son, enter the showroom, and a lot of their friends and family were invited to watch the delivery. Following this, the couple was presented with a cake that read “Ride on Wings of Gold”.

After which, the couple was seen enjoying a sip of fruit beer from each other’s glass. The same fruit beer was shared with their young son. Following this, the couple, along with their son, took the black sheet off of their brand-new Honda Goldwing Cruiser motorcycle. Next up, the kid was seen wearing a helmet, and the lady was also seen wearing her riding gear. The man was already seen wearing complete riding gear. Soon after this, the woman takes out the bike from the main door of the dealership and drives off with her son. Meanwhile, the man was seen following them on another motorcycle.

45 lakh Rupee Honda Goldwing Delivery In India: This Is How It Happens [Video]

Honda Goldwing Cruiser motorcycle; Features

As mentioned above, the Honda Goldwing is one of the longest-standing cruiser motorcycles in the country. This unique cruising bike comes equipped with a host of features. These features include an all-LED headlight and tail light, a 7-inch TFT full-color display, two analogue units with built-in lights, and a small digital screen. Apart from the fuel meter and speedometer, the bike also displays outside air temperature. It also gets cruise control and monitors the heater level. The Honda Goldwing also gets a USB flash drive plug-in.

Honda Goldwing: Engine

45 lakh Rupee Honda Goldwing Delivery In India: This Is How It Happens [Video]

Coming to the powertrain side of things, the new Honda Goldwing cruiser motorcycle is powered by a horizontally opposed, liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder, 1833cc engine. This powerful motor produces a total of 126 PS of power at 5500 rpm and 170 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm. The Honda Goldwing also gets an all-new 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). This particular bike does not come equipped with a manual clutch.

R Madhavan owns a Honda Goldwing

Back in August of last year, the “3-idiots” fame actor showed his ultra-expensive motorcycle collection inside. In the video, he was seen riding a Yamaha V-Max, Indian Roadmaster, Triumph Rocket 3 R in the parking of his home. R Madhavan also owns the Honda Goldwing finished in the same all-black color.