Rs. 50,000 off on all Nissan Micra models

The discounts make the low- and mid-range Micra variants absolutely fantastic value-for-money buys.

Micra XE at Rs. 3.6 lakh

The discount brings down the price of base Micra XE from Rs.  4.1 lakh to a very attractive Rs. 3.6 lakh. The variant has power steering and one airbag but does not offer power windows or music system. It is, for now, the cheapest car to offer an airbag.

Rs. 50,000 off on all Nissan Micra models

The cut makes Micra slightly cheaper than Ford Figo 1.2 Duratec LXI which is priced at Rs. 3.69 lakh. Ford does not offer airbag.

In fact, at Rs. 3.6 lakh, Micra XE is cheaper than even Maruti Wagon R Lxi which costs Rs. 3.65 lakh. And though Wagon R does have 2 power windows, it does not have airbags either.

So, the discount makes Micra XE an absolute steal.

But what about its mid- and higher-range siblings?

Micra XL at Rs. 4.22 lakh

The mid range Micra XL comes equipped with power steering, power windows (4), music system, keyless entry and 1 airbag.

Ford Figo 1.2 Duractec EXI, which is priced at Rs. 4.06 lakh, has all the above features minus 2 power windows and crucially, the airbag. Considering that airbag itself costs above Rs. 30,000, Micra XL offers great value for the safety conscious.

The similarly priced Swift Lxi offers only power steering—and nothing else.

Micra XV at Rs. 4.88 lakh

The top-end Micra that comes with ABS, EBD and two airbags also boasts electric mirrors and climate control in addition to features present in Micra XL.

But similarly spec-ed Ford Figo 1.2 Duratec Titanium costs a Rs. 21,000 less at Rs. 4.67 lakh. So here, the discount doesn’t really unseat Figo variant as the VFM offering.

However, Micra XV is substantially—a good Rs. 65,000 cheaper—than the comparable top-end Maruti Swift Zxi.


The discount makes the base Micra an absolutely fantastic buy. The mid range Micra XL too has a pretty strong case for those looking to get maximum bang for their bucks. Now only if Nissan had more reach and visibility—it currently has 44 dealers—then the Micra discounts combined with excellent value Sunny offers would make it a very exciting brand.