Discount worth Rs. 56,500 on Maruti Suzuki SX4 sedan

Rs. 56,500 worth of discounts on Maruti Suzuki Sx4

Maruti Suzuki is offering a discount worth Rs. 56,500 for the SX4 petrol sedan as 2011 year end offer. The offer is applicable only on the petrol variants, (VXI and ZXI) and is not applicable on the diesel variants (VDI and  ZDI).

The Maruti Suzuki SX4 petrol gets a total discount of Rs. 56,500 via Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 36,500 cash discount. The SX4 petrol is now available at a starting price of Rs. 6.43 lakh for the VXI variant which was earlier priced at Rs. 7 lakh. The SX4 petrol top-end variant, ZXI is offered at a discount price of Rs. 7.18 lakh down from the earlier price of Rs. 7.75 lakh.

maruti suzuki sx4 side profile
Photo: The Maruti Suzuki Sx4 petrol will now be much more affordable

Let’s see if the current offer makes the SX4 sedan a better ‘value for money’ proposition as against its chief competition, the Toyota Etios and the Nissan Sunny.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 vs. Toyota Etios

The SX4 VXI with an offer price of Rs. 6.43 lakh is cheaper than the Toyota Etios V variant priced at Rs. 6.51 lakh. Though the SX4 VXI is cheaper, it doesn’t get dual front airbags and alloy wheels offered in the Etios V variant. Hence, the Etios V has an edge over the SX4 VXI despite the latter offered at a reduced price.

The SX4 ZXI now comes with an offer price of Rs. 7.18 lakh which is dearer than the Toyota Etios VX variant priced at Rs. 6.97 lakh. The Etios VX comes with DVD audio system and sporty leather wrapped steering wheel not available in the SX4 ZXI variant. Overall, features wise, the Etios petrol has a slight advantage over the SX4.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 vs. Nissan Sunny

Nissan had recently announced an offer on the Sunny sedan reducing its price by Rs. 50,000. Here, we will use the post offer prices of the Sunny to compare with the offer price of the SX4 petrol.

The SX4 VXI with an offer price of Rs. 6.43 lakh which is slightly higher than the Sunny’s offer price of Rs. 6.38 lakh. Despite being cheaper, the Sunny XL still packs in goodies such as driver airbag, reverse parking sensor, steering wheel cover and antirust coating not available in the SX4 VXi variant.

Also, the top-end variant of SX4 (ZXi) is priced at Rs. 7.18 lakh which is same as the offer price of Sunny XV variant (Rs. 7.18 lakh). Again the Sunny XV with parking sensors and antirust coating is a slightly better proposition over the SX4 ZXi.

Summing up, the SX4 petrol price after discount is closer to the Toyota Etios and the Nissan Sunny. However, the SX4 petrol lacks some features offered in the rivals making it slightly less ‘value for money’ despite the Rs. 56,500 discount value. Also read: Discounts on Nissan Sunny

*Prices mentioned are ex-showroom Delhi