Rs. 75,000 worth of goodies on the new Ford Fiesta

Ford has taken a cue from Honda and other car manufacturers to lure in more buyers for their Fiesta Global sedan. There are benefits of up to Rs. 75,000 on the petrol Fiesta, which clearly indicates that Ford is trying to push the sales of the Fiesta petrol. The new Ford Fiesta (petrol and diesel together) sold only 608 units a month.

Compare that to the well below the No. 1 Hyundai Verna and No. 2 Honda City (only petrol) which sell 4217 units and 3376, respectively.

No cash discounts

CarToq spoke to a Ford dealer in Delhi to find out more about the deal. The offer does not have a cash discount component. Instead Ford has thrown in benefits worth Rs. 75,000. This will include free insurance worth Rs. 24,000, car matting worth Rs. 3,500, extended third year warranty worth Rs. 4650 and a body kit worth Rs. 6,500. Apart from all that you also get accessories worth around Rs. 36,000, which will include things like navigation system, parking camera etc depending on what you opt for.

Rs. 75,000 worth of goodies on the new Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is available in four variants; the 1.5P Style which costs Rs. 8.25 lakh, the 1.5P Titanium plus which costs Rs. 9.44 lakh, the 1.5P Titanium which costs Rs. 9.19 lakh and the 1.5P Trend which costs Rs. 8.78 lakh.

Now although the breakdown of the discounts on these variants may change as things like insurance etc may vary across variants, the overall value of the discount will still be Rs. 75,000.

Let’s see if the deal changes the equation for the Fiesta vs. rivals.

Ford Fiesta vs. Verna

The Fiesta competes with cars like the Hyundai Verna, Honda City,  Maruti Suzuki Sx4 and the Volkswagen Vento. The fully loaded manual Verna SX (O) costs Rs. 9 lakh which is a full Rs. 44,000 cheaper than the Fiesta Titanium Plus. However for that Rs. 44,000 premium you will get a navigation system which the Verna does not have. Add insurance waiver and a few other goodies and the Fiesta becomes competitive, if not an outright steal. The Fiesta already comes with safety features across all variants, which include ABS and two airbags.

Ford Fiesta vs. City

Please follow Verna comparison with Honda City comparison here

The top-end Vento manual costs Rs. 8.24 lakh which makes it a whole Rs.1.2 lakh cheaper than the Fiesta. The top-end Maruti Suzuki Sx4 is even cheaper at Rs. 7.75 lakh making the top-trim Fiesta Rs.1.69 lakh dearer. It is evident that the Fiesta is a good deal when compared with the Verna and City (Is that true) but in terms of price it is too far away from both the Vento and the Sx4.

The difference in features however will only increase as you go down the Fiesta’s variant ladder and the base Fiesta petrol priced at Rs. 8.25 lakh is a great deal for its price. If you’re looking for gadgets and features the Fiesta will now have more than what the competition offers across variants.


In short, the deal takes Fiesta’s on-road price closer to its top two rivals while also offering you the option of loading it with all sorts of stuff. Ford has a good case but only if you want the new Fiesta and want it loaded,.

But to swing the rest of us, it might still need to offer a bit more by way of cash discount considering its premium pricing.