RTO finds two Royal Enfield Bullets with exactly same registration, chassis numbers

Having a fake registration number on your vehicle in India is a major offence. An RTO in Kerala found that two Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles have the same registration number. One first motorcycle is located in Chengannu Police station authority inside the Alapuzha district. The other one is from Calicut, Kerala.

The RTO and the authorities found out that both the vehicles or motorcycles have an identical registration number. The number KBT 4844 is the old-style format.

The authorities also found out that both the motorcycles have the same engine number and chassis number, which makes it even more interesting. The registration certificate the RTO received from the owner is verified and is original, which ensures that he has not forged the documents.

Both the motorcycles are the 1985 model of the Royal Enfield Bullet. The RTO has asked the owners of the motorcycles to not ride them until the confusion is clear.

How the event unfolded?

Sunil Kumar, the original owner of the Royal Enfield Bullet sold his motorcycle to a police officer. The officer while riding the motorcycle spotted another identical motorcycle with an identical registration number.

That is when the police officer became suspicious and started to investigate the matter. The motorcycle that belongs to the police officer is now parked at the Chengannu Police station and the court has asked the authorities to make a detailed report to find out what happened exactly.

After the investigation, the police have reached a conclusion that the Bullet bike sold by Sunil Kumar to the police officer is original. The other Bullet that belongs to Jereesh is also original and his name is there in the Calicut RTO.

Further investigation

RTO finds two Royal Enfield Bullets with exactly same registration, chassis numbers

Since the police have not been able to find out how two motorcycles were issued the same number, they will try to trace the original owners of the motorcycles to find out the truth. None of the current owners has forged the documents of these motorcycles to get the registration number.

The police say that they will deal with the motorcycle and find out what exactly happened after conducting a scientific examination on the bike. The authorities are also taking efforts to look for the original owner of the vehicles.

Major offence

It is a major offence to tamper with the registration number in India and change it as per convenience. Each motor vehicle including cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers and everything else gets a unique registration number from the RTO or the Regional Transport Office.

This allows the police to track the vehicle in case of theft or a crime. The registration number of a vehicle is linked to its chassis number and engine number. No two vehicles can have the same chassis number, engine number and registration number in India. Changing the registration number is a criminal offence and the vehicle gets seized immediately.

This is why the Indian government has introduced the High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP. Currently, the Delhi-NCR authorities have mandated the use of HSRP and any vehicle without these high-security plates get challans. These registration plates are tamper-proof and are screwed to the vehicle using a single-use bolt that cannot be opened again.

In the past, the cops have seized many vehicles for using tampered registration plates. However, this is the first instance when someone has used the registration number that belongs to a popular personality.

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