RTO and MVD fine vlogger Rs 10,500 for flipping Mahindra Thar

Stunt driving might look cool and thrilling. However, if not performed cautiously and in a controlled environment, it can result in dangerous consequences. One such incident happened in the Malampuzha region in Kerela, where a stunt performed by vloggers in a Mahindra Thar had an abrupt and unwanted ending.

The incident, as said before, is from a dam site in Malampuzha, Kerala dating back to April 2021. Here, a few vloggers were trying to showcase the off-road credentials of the Mahindra Thar. However, in what looks like a deliberate move, the person driving the Mahindra Thar overturned the vehicle while making a turn. After that, they shot the footage of the overturned Thar, while dangerously hanging in another vehicle. Soon after shooting the video, the vloggers circulated the video on social media.

The initial reports of investigation of this matter claim that the vloggers shooting the video were driving the Mahindra Thar at a very high speed. In addition, the dam site where the video was recorded is a restricted area for people. Multiple organizations like Kerala Police, Kerala RTO and Water Resources Department are looking into this matter. Enforcement RTO has already traced the Youtuber and fined Rs 10,500 for dangerous driving and modifying the vehicle. MVD has also issued a fine for dangerous and rash driving among other things.

The Kerala RTO is already claiming that this incident has violated its norms and a detailed investigation is currently ongoing. Given that the stunt was performed at a restricted dam site, Water Resources Department has complained to the Kerala Police. Based on these complaints and video footage, the Kerala Police has begun its hunt for tracing the vloggers and the owner of the Mahindra Thar used for performing this dangerous stunt.

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RTO and MVD fine vlogger Rs 10,500 for flipping Mahindra Thar

Nowadays, for seeking views and attention, several vloggers and YouTubers try to perform stunts that are not appreciable to perform in a safe driving environment. In the past too, we have seen a lot of people performing dangerous stunts on open roads. While this stunt was executed in a closed environment, the area itself was restricted for the movement of people. Adding to it, such stunts are usually life-threatening as well, and there is no stunt or video which should be more valuable than human life.

The new second-generation Mahindra Thar has become a top favourite among enthusiasts across the country, for its sheer road presence and off-road capabilities. However, off-road driving enthusiasts should know that while the Thar has a capable four-wheel-drive system, it should be driven safely at lower speeds and that too in controlled environments. Reckless driving will only attract hasty accidents and unwarranted attention from legal authorities.

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