RTO SUSPENDS KTM Duke rider’s license after rash riding video goes viral

With digital surveillance, law enforcement authorities across the country have new channels to find the violators. While there are dedicated teams for digital surveillance who keep a close eye on the CCTV footage, there are teams to scan the social media platforms to find violators too. Here is one such situation where the MVD suspended the driving license of youth after his video became viral.

The video was first posted by an Instagram account – TheGreenPunk46. The video shows a group of riders riding through Kerala. While all the bikers stay on their side of the lane, one of them can be spotted doing dangerous manoeuvres.

In the video, the biker goes to the opposite lane and makes a sharp move. However, he almost collided with a biker coming from the opposite side of the road. They were only a few inches apart. While no one got hurt during the move, it could have ended as a disaster.

RTO SUSPENDS KTM Duke rider’s license after rash riding video goes viral

The short video put up by the owner of the bike became viral on the Internet. The Kerala MVD noticed the video and after making issuing an online challan to the biker, they also recommend to the RTO that the driving license should be suspended. The RTO then suspended the license of the rider.

In the following video, the rider shows himself visiting the MVD fine collection and paying the fine too. We are not sure about the fine amount but dangerous driving on the roads can attract a hefty fine.

Not the first time

It is not only the Kerala police officials who keep an eye on the social media platforms to catch the violators. In the past, the cops have issued many challans based on the video or photographic evidence available online on the social media platform.

Recently, a lady biker from Surat, Gujarat received a hefty challan after she posted her videos online. In the videos, she was spotted riding without a helmet and doing stunts on public roads. Even in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, the cops issued hefty fines to two lady bikers who were performing stunts on a public road.

The cops even target car owners and people who do illegal activities on public roads. After a video of a person doing push-ups on the top of the vehicle became viral, the UP Police issued a fine to the owner. Also, the cops issued challans to a few youngsters who were spotted taking pictures sitting on the bonnet of the moving car.

Follow the rules

The laws and rules are implemented to ensure that the roads are safe. India is one of the top countries in the world where hundreds of road accidents are reported every single day. Also, the number of fatal accidents remains on the higher side in India. This is why following the rules and adhering to the speed limit is so important in India.

If you want to practice stunting or want to practice racing, it is best to do it at private places where there is no other motorist. Doing such stunts in the private is perfectly legal too and keeps everyone on the public roads safe.